WFNY Podcast – 2012-12-27 – Craig talks to frequent talk radio caller Hiram about the Browns

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Most anyone who has listened to sports talk radio in Cleveland is familiar with Hiram. I know him on Twitter now too and decided I wanted to talk to him a little bit about what drives him to call so much. How he arrives at his thoughts on the Browns and why he can be so aggressive attacking local hosts. After following him for a while I find him to be a different kind of thinker, but he insists on packaging himself in such a way that he ends up being abrasive. So, how would Hiram come across in a more long-form conversation? You’ll have to listen to find out.

  • How many times do you watch each Browns game?
  • What drives your mostly negative opinion of the Cleveland media?
  • Do you want to be like Trivisonno and end up going from caller to radio show host?
  • Tom Heckert and where he ranks among the drafters over the last few years
  • Pat Shurmur, his inevitable future and what the perfect outcome would be
  • Joe Banner: Will he really be making the football decisions?
  • What’s Hiram’s local sports talk radio power rankings?
  • Is Brandon Weeden criticism fair?
  • Should the Browns consider a replacement?

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  • Harv 21

    Very creative guest choice, Craig. I’ve always found Hiram smart and brave, if intentionally abrasive and a perodic whitewasher of facts to support his theories.

    As in, wait, the proof that William Green and Big Money were not first round mistakes by Butch is that they had ok rookie years before quickly fading into oblivion? No, they had the kind of easily identifiable work ethic and/or character issues that often keep college big shots from making it. In Warren’s case Butch ignored his scouts and blew the 3rd overall pick in the country.

    Or as in: Belichik would have brought Cleveland a trophy if the media had not run him out? Well, first of all even Belichik says he became a better coach when he returned to being a coordinator after his firing and contemplated what he needed to improve, Secondly, even if the media loved him, and even if Tom Brady had no impact on his ultimate success, the Browns still moved in ’95. So any trophy would have been in Baltimore.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Yeah I just don’t subscribe to the theory that a great player wouldn’t be great everywhere he goes. In other words, I don’t care who is the coach or what team he plays for… “Big Money” Warren was not a great player because he has never been a great player. Blown draft pick.

  • Craig Lyndall

    Exception to that is a guy who is permanently injured by taking a beating like Tim Couch… I’ll forever wonder how his and Donovan McNabb’s careers would have differed if they flip flopped in the draft order.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I agree, I wish we had a chance to see what Couch could have become behind the current Browns offensive line.

  • J Pete

    Hiram’s been on our show, Smoke Signals at IPI/IBI several times, and has been an outstanding guest…would rather have callers with thought and opinion, but have a take, then passive callers…