August 26, 2014

Derek Anderson claims he is heading back to Browns per report

What most of Cleveland had hoped was a cruel speculation-based rumor appears to be true: Derek Anderson says that he will be returning to Cleveland to rejoin the man who got him to the Pro Bowl in 2007, Rob Chudzinski.

Per Jeff Schudel of the News-Herald, Anderson was a back-up to Carolina’s Cam Newton and will be facing an expiring contract this coming offseason — he fired off this update on his Facebook page shortly after the Browns announced the hiring of Chudzinski:

“Looks like it is time to make a return to a familiar place for some unfinished business,” Anderson posted on his Facebook page one day after Chudzinski was named Browns coach. “I’d be honored to return to Cleveland to play football if the fans would have me.”

The man they call Chud was the Browns offensive coordinator and Anderson the starting quarterback for 15 games in 2007 when the quarterback threw 29 touchdown passes and passed for 3,787 yards. Chudzinski reportedly influenced the Panthers to sign Anderson as a “tutor” for Newton, last season’s Rookie of the Year.

Upon Anderson’s release in 2009, he went on record to call Cleveland fans “ruthless” and undeserving of a winning football team. Once his comments made national headlines, Anderson would apologize.

Late last week, rumors began swirling surrounding the potential return of Anderson. Neither Chudzinski nor anyone else can comment on Anderson or any potential free agent, however, as the new league year doesn’t begin until March 12.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    What about Yuenglings? ;-)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Once you accept the fact the Cleveland Browns will never win anything the rest is actually pretty funny. Until then suffer much you will!

  • Garry_Owen

    More than I can count.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I sense a theme with you!

  • Garry_Owen

    It’s just an affectation. Truly.

  • Garry_Owen

    I do live in PA, however, so that last one is probably true.

  • Garry_Owen

    Norv is bringing Philip Rivers???!!!! Alright!!

  • mgbode

    the yet to be determined new SD regime is already fed up with Rivers and his antics, so they want a fresh start and are willing to pawn him off for the Browns 3rd round draft pick.

  • mgbode

    well, if he is truly as awful as he was in AZ w/o Chud, then imagine the things Weeden can do with Chud :)

  • mgbode

    I think Chud just likes having DA for his golf foursomes. DA is a ringer.

  • Anne Dunn

    At least that would make some sense. LeBron can play.

  • Dan Bienko

    If the Browns bring this hack back here, the “New Regime” will lose all credibility with the fans. Get over yourself *%sclown, the fans were not cheering that you were injured, they were cheering the fact that Quinn was coming in. Yes you went to the Pro Bowl one time, what have you done since? Oh that is right, you beat out Claussen to be #2, not much to be proud of.

  • EyesAbove

    Im not sure I would want Rivers the way he’s played the last 2 seasons. Then again, our QB is still Brandon Weeden last time I checked.

  • Roosevelt

    It’s like Haslam and Banner are conspiring with someone to perpetrate a cruel joke on fans. It is almost impossible to envision a series of moves more infuriating than the few they’ve just perpetrated. Decent GM gone. Big name coach promised, random coordinator delivered. Decent defense assured of major overhaul. Least-liked player brought in to play quarterback. If you were plotting to alienate Browns fans while staying within a range of legitimate operations, what could you have done worse? Put up a Modell memorial? Re-hired Romeo? Cut Gordon?

  • mgbode

    last season was by far his worst season. yet, it would have been the best season by a Browns QB since the return.

  • Philip Said

    No way! His attitude against the Cleveland fans and he wants back? Only because no one in their right mind want him. He had a handful of good games and then tanked.

  • EyesAbove

    54 turnovers over the past 2 seasons, I think he’s on the decline. Rivers doesnt have much of an arm either and he would have a hard time throwing in Cleveland weather. All that being said, Id probably take a flier on him if the price was right. Or Alex Smith for that matter.

  • mgbode

    the question is whether it was mostly on him or his OL. i’d be willing to give him a chance (only if the price was right – odds are they would ask too much anyway)

  • James

    I heard we might be able to get Jamarcus Russell if we manage to snag Lombardi. can you say dynasty?

  • James

    I heard if were able to land Lombardi we can get Jamarcus Russell too!! Can you say Dynasty?

  • Tom Wynne

    sounds like Colt going somewhere

  • Name

    Browns also sign big armed QBs Boller; Leaf and Russell