August 27, 2014

LeBron James’ agent and manager see “benefits” of returning to Cleveland

As Rudy Gay was dealt to the Toronto Raptors late Wednesday evening, it appears that this move — despite the trade last week which freed up additional funds — is the first domino in a line created by the new NBA collective bargaining agreement. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports writes that the biggest domino of them all, LeBron James, sees the writing on the talent-sharing wall and that this move will only serve to open the eyelids that are set on 2014.

“James’ agent and childhood friend, Rich Paul, born and raised and still living in Cleveland, has been privately telling people for two years of his intrigue with bringing the prodigal son back as the conquering hero in Cleveland,” writes Wojnarowski. “James will ultimately make the call to return – just like he made it to leave – rest assured that the most important voices in his ear will be partial to Cleveland again.”

Said voices are Paul and his business manager Maverick Carter. Paul, as noted many times over, continues to call Cleveland home and has a client with the Cavaliers in second-year power forward Tristan Thompson. In the event James would be “delivered” to Cleveland, it could bode well financially for the upstart forward. Quoted within the Wojnarowski is what is deemed a high-level associate in James’ camp who states that they “see the benefits of getting the credit for bringing LeBron home again.”

Potentially the most interesting portion of the report was the buried line that other general managers in the NBA were “incredulous” following the trade in which Cleveland received a first-round draft pick along with talented players in Marreese Speights and Wayne Ellington for the price of one Jon Leuer. Per Wojnarowski, the presence of Kyrie Irving alone is not enough — general manager Chris Grant needs to show that he can surround James better than his predecessor. The fact that the era of the “super teams” appears to be coming to an end should only serve to help.

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  • cmm13

    Kyrie will be a Knick or Laker by then. ;)

  • Kildawg

    No question that the departed Modell is the most hated figure in Cleveland history, and shall remain most hated, for what he did. He really screwed with our football team and tried to do so with our baseball team as well.

  • cmm13

    I think the vindication comes when he does not go through another “decision” and quietly re-signs with Miami
    He’ll play the humble piece saying he learned from his mistake, now calls Miami home and would like to finish his career there.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Oh right… I was thinking backwards on that. Pistons fans have taken a lot of abuse from their GM over the past several years. I’ve always despised Calderon, so I guess I’m happy that he’s on a division rival now.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Oh yeah… man that sucks.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I’d be absolutely shocked if he did this… a move to a bigger city like LA or Chicago will only help his brand, which seems to be his main concern.

  • cmm13

    Honestly I think it all comes down to how Riley replaces Dwayne Wade. He’s the oldest of the group and by far the most broken down.
    If Riles can somehow talk to a young, talented, point guard with dreams of a championship and a contract expiring in 2015 at this year’s All-Star game…WAIT A MINUTE!!! NOO!!!!

  • theherd10

    All I am saying is that would be my way of tolerating that the guy is back in town, were it to come to pass. He is obviously an all-world talent. It’s a question of tolerating the person returning after having been screwed over when he was here before.

  • theherd10

    And for the record, I’m not happy about picking in the top five, but let’s not act like he’s not cleaning up a mess made in part by a certain person who may or may not be coming back. Grant had a heck of a job on his hands, and I like what he’s doing.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I don’t see that happening, but if it does you have permission to shoot me. Make sure you do the double-tap, I don’t want any doubt about how alive I am.

  • Jaker

    What’s a championship?

  • cmm13

    all “tongue in cheek” my good man.

    **please oh please oh please oh please never let that happen..

  • Vindictive_Pat

    No worries, I am good friends with Tongue-in-cheek’s neighbor, Hyperbole.

  • CBI

    I wish I was alive in the 50s so the the butt-load of championships the Browns won would help lessen the stress.

  • mgbode

    and here I thought boles were supposed make one mellow

  • mgbode

    for 4 months. i’d be surprised to see them re-sign him with Knight and Stuckey having roles as ball-handler as well.

    though, with Dumars, maybe they give him a 4yr/$40mil contract and then don’t let him play.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I think you’re probably right as that seems like the smart move for a rebuilding team. However, Stuckey does suck pretty badly, so I am sure Pistons fans wouldn’t mind seeing Stuckey traded as well (if that were possible)

  • mgbode

    yeah, Stuckey is almost as bad as Maggette. and, I’m still surprised that Detroit let Daye go in that trade. I have a feeling that they don’t have a very big analytics department on staff.

  • ThatAlex

    That is rather petty.

  • mgbode

    yeah, i’m not sure they could have freed up as much $$, but basketball-wise they took some steps backward. Daye & Ed Davis are really undervalued guys. But, then, so is Speights.

    looking at it from a 2trade perspective:

    SG: Ellington for noone
    SF: Gay for Prince & Daye
    PF/C: Speights for Ed Davis, Jon Leuer
    Draft: likely future 1st rounder for ’13 Toronto 2nd rounder

    also shed Haddadi and Selby who were doing little for them.
    and obviously freed up a bunch of $$$

  • mgbode

    yep, they have had SA’s number too. so, they have to beat OKC to get out of the West. well, that’s a tough draw, but man it would’ve been fun to see them try.

    after these 2 trades, I think they just fell behind those 2 plus LAC and Golden State. They are right in line with Denver and Utah. Oh well.

  • Meandh

    I think you find them in cookies