NBA Rumors: Cavs and Heat leaders to sign Greg Oden

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat have reportedly emerged as the leaders to land former first-overall pick Greg Oden.

Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports says that the seven-foot product out of Ohio State, who has suffered multiple knee injuries since being drafted in 2007, is leaning toward either playing in Miami for the minimum or in Cleveland where he would be able to net considerably more money. Oden is hoping visit down to Miami to meet with Pat Riley and the Heat in the next week, a source told CBS Sports. He is currently working out in Columbus, Ohio, rehabilitating from his third microfracture knee surgery back in February of 2012.

Oden, 25, has averaged 9.4 points, 7.3 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in 82 career NBA games.  His signing would undoubtedly be a risk, but one that comes with immense reward if Oden could live up to the potential he had when he was selected before Kevin Durant six seasons ago.

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  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Never hurts to kick the tires but stay away from those knees!

  • JeBron_Lames

    Just make sure the doors to the Q stay closed. We wouldn’t want a breeze rolling in and shattering thos

  • JeBron_Lames

    e knees

  • Harv 21

    This might not be about Oden’s potenial on egg shell knees. This might be about Gilbert dangling just enough of his casino fun money to stick it to the Prince of Freaking Darkness, just a little.

    Uh- huh, how’s that taste, Riley?

  • jewpants47

    … as a mascot?

  • mgbode

    huge risk, potential reward. I like the idea, and think he’ll be a risk worth taking. of course, he’ll likely go Miami on a short deal first.

  • mgbode

    I assume the last line is to be read in Shaq rap format

  • Harv 21

    I backed away from the explicit, but yeah, you caught the implicit.


    Well, if you believe the word around the league, just getting him out of Portland should be a boost to his health.

  • cmm13

    So Gilbert gets back at Lord Voldemort and his stealing of LeBron by overpaying Greg Oden?

    ….seems….Uhm… do you say….”not the same”.

  • BenRM

    unless the hubcaps fall off as you kick said tires.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    Presumably they’d tie his contract to appearances and health, so I’m all for it.

  • Harv 21

    Overpaying? This is billionaire Gilbert, another million doesn’t register when he’s engaged and amused. If you really really hate your neighbor and it’s Halloween, have you wasted funds on the toilet paper and eggs you bought for the neighborhood brats?

  • DontbringLBJback

    The is dude is only 25 (Really?), so you gotta take a chance on him. If he were 30, uhhhhh, no.

  • Charles Luzar

    Where will he announce his descision? *runs away*

  • DontbringLBJback

    9.5 and 7.2 playing 20 minutes a game? Yeah, you gotta take a chance. He did have elite big man skills at one time.

  • Jaker

    What kind of deal would we have to give him? Would this be a one year deal or a two-three year deal? And how much money would he get? Would it be guaranteed?

    Wow, so many questions.

  • mgbode

    ok, this Oden likely isn’t coming back, but man he was great:

  • cmm13

    Anything other than the league minimum to Greg Oden is overpaying in a capped league while trying to stay flexible for the impending FA spree of 2014.

    I’d be more upset at Dan strapping the team’s cash flow to play kid games with Riley than liking the fact he stuck it to him.

    Now….in an uncapped league with Dan’s piggy bank at his disposal…buy everyone under the sun away from helmet head. 😉

  • architrance

    Seems like a no-brainer for the Cavs. The best thing big Oden can get is a fresh start, a new beginning, without all the pressure associated with being the (failed) face of a franchise. Obviously I want him, but I really do think Cle. is a better landing spot for him. As soon as he’d land in Miami, the pressure would be on him to perform at a high level and help them win games immediately. In Cle. he can just be a project, not rushed, not pressured, Just have time to figure out his game.

  • mgbode

    I doubt anyone (including Greg) wants a deal more than this season and next. And, there will likely be contingencies on his knees even at that.

    Yes, we’d have to pay more than the minimum, but if his health checks out right now, then I think that’s worth the risk on the short-term deal.

  • Dinner

    Really, Oden’s decision is very simple. If he wants a challenge, then he’ll goto Cleveland. If he wants the easy way out, then he’ll goto Miami.

    Personally I would like for him to come to the Cavs, especially if he becomes as good as his college years, but I have a gut feeling that Oden will choose the Heat just to avoid Byron Scott’s training regimen.

  • Garry_Owen

    I like the way yo

  • Garry_Owen

    u think.

  • Harv 21

    right. This is not a veteran mostly interested in a ring after making tens of millions elsewhere. Mr. Oden probably has to take the most guaranteed money, no matter how incrementally smaller than the minimum. Because this may be his last NBA money and not even he knows whether his knees will hold for more than a minute.

    And at these amounts, go on, Dan, stick it to The Man. [Wait, Dan, aren’t YOU the Man?]

  • Jason Silvio

    He’s not dying for money, he has a net worth of 15$+ Million, he just wants to be healthy and to succeed.

  • Harv 21

    very impressive inside knowledge you have.

  • nj0

    a challenge = to consistently lose

    the easy way out = to consistently win

  • MrCleaveland

    Hey, why not?

    If you will recall, Z had all kinds of foot problems before the age of 27, and then he turned it around and set the Cavs record for most games played.

    Could happen again.

  • Dinner

    So if I understand you correctly, Oden should go to the Heat? When it comes to challenge vs. easy way, I was referring to the strength of both teams. Joining the Heat would give Oden an easier path to the NBA championship with 2.5 experienced superstars on his side vs. a developing Cavs team. So please, elaborate more on your statement.

  • NoVA Buckeye

    Has anyone noticed Greg Oden looks like LeBron?

  • Fearghoul

    edit: nevermind you were referring to a different Z. But he was never a big star.

  • Fearghoul

    Greg Oden will be one of the worst players in the NBA once signed so it will be hilarious if either team picks him.