NFL News: Browns ask permission to interview 49ers Tom Gamble

Albert Breer is reporting that the Browns along with the Jets, Jags and Chargers are pursuing the San Francisco 49ers’ director of player personnel, Tom Gamble.

Gamble has already interviewed with the Jaguars but competition from the Jets might be strongest of all according to NinersNation. According to their information the Jets have put Gamble at the top of their wishlist based on a recommendation from former Colts President Bill Polian.

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  • dwhit110

    This would be a solid hire. I’m dubious that we could persuade him to come to Cleveland if there are other offers though since he wouldn’t have final say on the 53-man here.

  • Brian Sereychas

    Speaking of which, why do we go after Polian? I know he just turned down the Jets, but maybe thats because he didn’t want to have to be constantly scrutinized by the New York media market. I know its a long shot, but one that I think could pay big dividends.

  • mgbode

    His drafts the last eight years would be one reason

  • maxfnmloans

    if you get Bill, you probably also get his son, who Bill was trying to put in position to take over for him in Indy. Problem was, their draft record over the last handful of seasons (8, according to MGB) wasn’t all that stellar.

    I’m done with legacy hires, that’s for sure.