NFL News: Browns officially name Norv Turner new Offensive Coordinator

The Browns today released a statement that Norv Turner has been hired (officially) as the new Offensive Coordinator.

“The Cleveland Browns today named Norv Turner as Offensive Coordinator. Turner was one of six additions to the coaching staff, which also includes Brad Roll (Strength & Conditioning), Mike Sullivan (Offensive Line) and Scott Turner (Wide Receivers). In addition, Chris Tabor (Special Teams Coordinator) and George Warhop (Offensive Line) will be retained from last year’s staff.”

“I am very excited about the coaches we have been able to add to our staff thus far,” said Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski. “I have worked with Norv, Mike, Scott and Brad previously and know the quality of coaches and teachers that they are, and how much our players will benefit from their presence.”

“Norv has been one of the most respected offensive coaches in the NFL over the last 25-30 years, and he has had a tremendous amount of success at each one of his stops – as a position coach, coordinator and head coach. I was able to learn a great deal in the time that I worked for him in San Diego, and I expect that having him as our offensive coordinator will make a big impact on that side of the ball.”

Here is Turner’s coaching resume-

1975 University of Oregon, graduate assistant coach

1976-79 University of Southern California, wide receivers coach

1980 University of Southern California, defensive backs coach

1981-83 University of Southern California, quarterbacks coach

1984 University of Southern California, offensive coordinator

1985-86 Los Angeles Rams, wide receivers coach

1987-90 Los Angeles Rams, wide receivers and tight ends coach

1991-93 Dallas Cowboys, offensive coordinator

1994-2000 Washington Redskins, head coach

2001 San Diego Chargers, offensive coordinator

2002-03 Miami Dolphins, offensive coordinator

2004-05 Oakland Raiders, head coach

2006 San Francisco 49ers, offensive coordinator

2007-12 San Diego Chargers, head coach

2013- Cleveland Browns, offensive coordinator

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  • btrick21

    great we hired someone whose team scored 6-points against the hapless browns last year.

  • MrCleaveland

    Is this really a good idea? Aren’t we jumping the gun here? What if Chip Kelly changes his mind in a couple weeks and decides he wants to coach the Browns? Then we’re sitting here with not only Chud, but a whole bunch of assistants we have to fire! We’ll look like absolute fools with debacle all over our face!

    This looks like a panic move to me. I think Kelly is just playing the Eagles. We ought to wait until July or so before hiring any coaches just to make sure.

  • cmm13

    So glad that “despite the fact the Browns did not get Chip Kelly” we were able to secure the services of Mr. Turner.

    Hopefully this means they are moving on

  • @TheDeePagel

    1975 University of Oregon, graduate assistant coach…

    We got our Duck after all!

  • Roosevelt

    As someone who has been highly critical of the new Browns regime, I have to concede that this is an exceptionally good move. Turner presided over explosive offenses in San Diego, and was as credible a head coach as the other candidates I was hoping the Browns would hire as HC (Whisenhunt, Smith etc.)

  • Ritz

    Yes, let’s dismiss his history of success as an OC in favor of a one game sample.

  • JK

    Well done…

    Chud/Turner > Kelly

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Phew, finally, thank God I was starting to get nervous. NOTE: Tonight’s Browns Backers Pancake Rally scheduled for the I-480 bridge in Valley View has been cancelled! Please check back tomorrow for our next scheduled meeting (hint: when the new defensive coordinator who employs a 3-4 is hired)

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Those heavy winds gusting to something like 40-50 mph may have had something to do with it. Just a guess, I could be wrong.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Quack, quack!

  • humboldt

    Flying V! I mean, Flying J…

  • humboldt

    In a street fight?

  • JK

    In Street Fighter II by Capcom on SNES

  • humboldt

    well you gust wrong

  • JK

    Will there still be pancakes?

  • humboldt

    Battle of the ethnic stereotypes! haha, legendary game though

  • JK

    Exactly what ethnicity is Blanka then?

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • Vindictive_Pat

    Monster. There’s a lot of them in the rain forests of Brazil (prove me wrong).

  • Robbie

    Sounds like he’s a good hire for OC. If he fails, the Browns can replace him. If he does well, there probably aren’t any teams left willing to give him a shot at HC.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I think this is what I like best… there’s a really good chance that even if he does perform exceptionally well as an offensive coordinator that nobody is going to knock on his door to be their head coach, so we’d get to keep him a long time. I’m thinking Dick LeBeau in Pittsburgh, for example, but I could probably do better than that if I really cared to think about it.

  • JK

    Well.. I tried. But wiki tells me you are incredibly right.. which.. kinda hurts my head. Also, who knew Vega was both male & Spanish? You learn something new every single goddamn day. #productivity

  • vespo09

    Native Brazilian mutated by electric eels. True story:

  • ChadF

    So two offensive line coaches? Is one going to be an assistant OL coach and an assistant HC? I wonder what’s going to be happening here…

  • cmm13

    Saban…. HOLD OUT FOR SABAN!!!!

  • SDA

    LOL I have a new bottle waiting!!!!

  • mgbode

    i was told there would be punch and pie

  • mgbode

    one gets to take credit for JoeT, Mack, and Schwartz. the other gets the blame for Lauvao, Pinkston and Greco.

  • mgbode

    Wade Phillips name comes to mind.

  • Garry_Owen

    Regardless, we need to respect their authoritah.

  • Kyle Brannan

    Mr…. You can stop posting the same responses to anything dealing with coaching decisions on here. I cant read another one of your “aren’t we jumping the gun here” posts.

  • mgbode

    i think you just double-dog dared Mr.C to type another one.

  • mgbode

    so nice to make things official. seems like everyone wanted Norv as OC when he was let go as HC (except maybe Chip and Philly) and we got him. I am happy with that hire.

    now, about the defense…

  • chompchomp

    I was at that game and couldn’t even hold onto a $6.50 cup of coffee.

  • MrCleaveland

    Well, Kyle, if you’re so tired of reading them, imagine how tired I am of writing them.

  • mgbode

    well, since you failed to write another one you must take on the “physical challenge”

  • MrCleaveland

    Aren’t you jumping the gun here? The day’s not over.

  • EZ

    Uh, when you beat him his mask is broken and he’s pretty clearly a guy. Also he is basically topless and looks like a guy.

    Also, his level is in Spain.

  • mgbode

    judges are disqualifying that decent attempt due to it not being in response to a coaching item but mostly because they want to enforce a physical challenge.


    More people will come if we tell them there will be punch and pie.

  • MrCleaveland

    *Sigh* Okay, bring it on.


    Also, Robert Meachum dropped at least one sure TD pass. Possibly more.

  • mgbode

    ok. [slow typing sounds] p-u-n-c-h a-n-d p-i-e

  • mgbode

    you must literally jump over a gun.

  • MrCleaveland

    HA HA HA HA! Good one.

    Okay. I don’t own a gun, but a couple of my brothers-in-law do. The next time one of them is out mowing down yard mice or something, I’ll ask them if I can.

  • mgbode

    figured you’d at least have a toy Star Wars blaster around

  • Harv 21


    We are so not worthy.

  • MrCleaveland

    Nonsense, Harvard. You are still my idol.

  • JK

    My retort to that is, I was about 6 when playing that game, & he sounded like a girl when you hit him also he had long hair.

  • JK

    The gun has been jumped so many times here Im beginning to doubt the existence of a gun