NFL Report: Trestman interviewed today in Cleveland

According to Tom Withers, the Browns have interviewed Marc Trestman

“Trestman interviewed with the Chicago Bears for eight hours Monday night and arrived at the Browns’ facility in suburban Berea late Tuesday morning, said the person who spoke to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the search. He is the fifth known candidate to interview with the Browns, seeking their sixth fulltime coach since 1999 after firing Pat Shurmur last week.

Trestman was the Browns’ quarterbacks coach in 1988 and their offensive coordinator in 1989, when Cleveland appeared in its third AFC title game in four years with quarterback Bernie Kosar. Trestman has extensive background as an NFL assistant, working with eight teams, most recently Miami in 2004.”

The Browns have now interviewed Trestman, Chip Kelly, Ken Whisenhunt, Ray Horton, Bill O’Brien, and Doug Marrone, who was hired by Buffalo. Kelly and O’Brien decided to stay with their college teams.

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  • Mike

    Trestman is the most qualified coach that has been interview thus far and probably the best fit. Young and upcoming team + seasoned/experienced coach to mentor makes all the sense in the world. From what I have read, he is very well respected around the league. If he works out, Haslam and Banner could end up looking like geniuses. This guy knows the Cleveland fan base better than any candidate out there (with maybe the exception of Cowher). I would feel much more at ease with hiring him rather than a risky college coach or a first time 30-something coordinator who’s still trying to learn how to run things.

  • TheRobot57

    Wisenhunt is a better option.

  • vespo09



    It also may be worth noting that Trestman worked and trained with Brandon Weeden prior to the NFL Draft. He also worked with Tebow, Cutler, Clausen and Jason Campbell.

  • CB Everett

    Does every single article about a potential coach have to mention that he will be our 6th coach since 1999? I mean why not just go all out and say, “The Browns, who have not won a championship since 1964, have had to watch the Steelers win multiple championships, have had to suffer a move by Art Modell…”

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    This would be a disaster. This is not the guy who turns around the Browns. This is the guy who might be able to do something with a somewhat respected team if he actually turns out to be a decent coach, but he is almost the antithesis of what we need.

    Nothing says “respect our team” and attracts free agents like bringing in a CFL coach who hasnt sniffed the NFL in almost 10 years except for coaching some college QBs prepping for the draft. Seriously, is this even a question? Next please.

  • Adam

    Finally someone else who agrees with me. If you look at his stats when he was doing coaching stints in the NFL, his offenses or QBs put up ridiculous numbers. If it were a couple instances I’d say it was a fluke… but this guy is no fluke since it happened over and over again with different players and teams.

  • Adam

    I would be really happy with Trestman as the Browns coach over anyone else who’s actually available. This guy is no joke. Just look at his stats while in coaching in both the NFL and CFL. If his accomplishments were a couple isolated incidents, I’d say it was a fluke. But this guy is the real deal, as he put up huge numbers coaching multiple QBs and Teams.

    Just imagine Ohio State taking a pass on Jim Tressel because he coached a lowly D2 team. No National Championship and multiple Big Ten titles. Trestman’s Professional career eerily mirrors Tressels Collegiate career. In that Tressel had lower level coaching positions at D1 schools (like Trestman in the NFL) and then went on to coach a D2 team (like Trestman coaching in the CFL) winning Championships.

    I say pull the trigger as fast as you can on this guy and keep Jauron on Defense.


    Tressel coached D1, 2A at YSU, not D2. But I agree with your larger point.

  • SDA

    Head coach in the NFL is more of an executive position. Leadership qualities and hiring qualities should be the first priority. What makes guys like Belichick so good year after year is that people do what he says without question. They buy in. And he hires people with the same attributes. That being said I dont care who it is as long as he has all this.

  • cmm13

    This is an intelligent, well thought out and frankly very positive comment on the possibility of Mike Trestman’s success with the Cleveland Browns.


  • Harv 21

    what makes Belichik great is his incredible attention to detail of every part of the org, from scouting to each assistant coach’s specialty, and then getting the assistants to do exactly and ruthlessly what he wants. He doesn’t hire someone with a system he doesn’t understand and let them run with it. Maybe that’s why his assistants have generally not done great as HCs – they are hardly prepared for oversight responsibility.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Congrats to Withers… I feel like he’s been the one guy reporting real news and swimming against the stream when he doesn’t know anything about another reporter’s scoop.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Not saying this is a negative for Trestman, but I sure would like that list to include some guys who were a little more successful as a QB in the pros.

  • SDA

    That’s what I’m saying when he hires people follow and buy in. The attention to detail id through the entire organization because of the way he leads. I worked for someone that was the same way.

  • EyesAbove

    Id love to have Trestman as offensive coordinator, head coach Im not so sure. However, theres not a whole lot to choose from at this point, he might be the least worst option.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    I’m open to Trestman. The fact that he was in the CFL is completely irrelevant. The big question is can he manage a team and develop players? Does he make smart in-game decisions? Does he have attention to detail? If so, great bring him in.

  • depressed@work

    WOW it would be awesome for Jim to return to his rightful place in Ohio again. Wont have to worry about all that NCAA bs as well.

  • mgbode

    everybody loves Jim Trestman

  • Josh Stein

    Other than his incessant desire to punt on third down (his Alouettes did it a staggering 120 times this past year, 6 2/3 times a game), I think he’s a good candidate.