NFL Rumor: Chip Kelly waffled on Oregon on Tuesday January 8th

There will obviously be more information leaking out about the entire Chip Kelly saga. The initial leaks are happening right now, and it seems that the turning of the tide for Chip Kelly leaving Oregon was last Tuesday January 8th.

The person, who requested anonymity because neither the team nor Kelly’s camp has released details of the talks, said Kelly first let the Eagles know he was having second thoughts about his decision to return to Oregon last Tuesday.

It was right around that time the Eagles were talking to another Kelly – Brian Kelly of Notre Dame, who eventually told them he was returning to school as well.

Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly was talking about returning to Notre Dame and the Browns were working on securing their head coach Rob Chudzinski who was hired on January 10th.

What remains to be seen is if there was any communication between Kelly and the Browns, or if he’d already narrowed his decision down to the Eagles. If he did contact the Browns were they true to their word when they indicated through media sources that they’d decided to move on? Did the Browns consider Kelly one last time or were they never afforded the option?

Maybe we’ll never know for sure, but all that’s left to do is watch it play out and see which team feels vindicated in their process and decisions this time next year. It seems especially painful for the Browns in the media because they’re now viewed as losing out on the same guy for a second time no matter what the truth of the matter might be.

One thing’s for sure right this second. The Philadelphia Eagles won the battle for the headlines by landing the biggest name so far this off-season.

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  • Natedawg86

    Eagles were projected by Experts to go 10-6 last year and make the playoffs. Maybe he decided he didn’t want to be in the same Div as Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals. Maybe he feels like Green is the new Black (slimming). Eagles won the battle for the headlines last (pre) season projected as Super Bowl contenders and they ended up 4-12. What is worse being projected to win 5 games and winning 5 games, or projected to win 10 and win 4?

  • humboldt

    “the battle for the headlines” … it sounds so trite, and yet it does matter because signings like this confer national relevance. The Indians won the battle for headlines with Francona this year, but the Browns arguably deepened their irrelevance with the Chudzinski hiring.

    All of this is irrespective of how the teams will fare on the field, of course, but I agree w/ Craig that “headlines” do matter in the culture of pro sports.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I think it’s pretty reasonable to say we’ll never know whether Kelly and the Browns communicated in any form or fashion on or after January 8th. It would seem like a huge blunder if anyone with the Browns spoke of this again now that they hired Chud.

  • Joseph Fedorko

    No, the only thing that’s been happening on these boards is the self-loathing Cleveland sports fan playing into the stereotype without any prodding from the national media.


  • Garry_Owen

    If it’s not true, why would it hurt?
    Only in Cleveland.

  • Adam Wheeler

    You’re correct when you say that the Eagles won the battle of the headlines. But that’s the battle we should all be least interested in. ESPN and the local media will go crazy over the whole thing, but ESPN also rated Seattle’s draft class last year with an F. How did that work out? Coach hirings are always a crap shoot. Let’s let it play out and tune out the talking heads who slam Banner and the Browns for “losing” this battle.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    NFL rumor: New Browns backers club – first meeting I-480 bridge in Valley View!

  • Seth

    You know what? This Chip Kelly guy has produced more drama than a teenage girl in the last week. I am so happy this guy is not going to be our head coach. A guy that waffles like this ain’t worth the drama. Thanks Jimmy for walking out of this Kelly-circus.

  • LaundroMat

    How about in any way or shape?

  • BisonDeleSightings

    I think Manti Te’o won the battle of the headlines.

  • Captain Kidd

    The hardest four non-conference games the Ducks had during
    Chip Kelly’s tenure were Auburn, LSU, Boise State, and the Buckeyes. 0-4

  • mgbode

    yeah, K-State with Collin Klein was a walk in the park. And let’s just discount those USC and Stanford games because they were in conference, etc.

  • Captain Kidd

    Stanford? Check his record…

    Kansas State, pulleezee

  • mgbode

    11-1 going into the Oregon game not good enough for you? They didn’t just beat but destroyed 10 of those 11 (they beat Oklahoma 24-19). Yes, Kansas State was a mighty good team.

    Yes, they lost to Stanford this season.
    2011 w/ Luck, Oregon won 53-30
    2010 w/ Luck, Oregon won 52-39
    2009 w/ Luck , Oregon lost 51-42

    Oregon has been ridiculously good. Harp on Chip not transitioning to the NFL (complete unknown), but his success in college was fantastic.

  • Captain Kidd

    I am just basing it on the games I have watched, which were
    mainly against above average teams. And
    when they faced good teams, consider me unimpressed. That’s all Im saying…