Chip Kelly: “I’m never surprised by anything. I do not know what the future holds.”

Oregon’s Chip Kelly is the hot name in several NFL coaching searches, including Cleveland’s (reportedly). At his last press conference before the Fiesta Bowl on Thursday, Kelly addressed questions about his interest in coaching an NFL team-

“I don’t expect anything. I’ve said this a million times. I’m never surprised by anything. I do not know what the future holds. I do know we have a football game tomorrow night and I’m going to be there.”

The Oregonian’s Aaron Fentress

Kelly’s reluctance to answer even the most obvious questions surrounding the reported interest NFL teams have in him is a clear indication that something is a brewin’. But it doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere.

Kelly said NFL talk hasn’t been a distraction because he hasn’t talked about it with his team.

“I’ve never been asked a question by one of my players,” he said. “I think one of the tenets of how we do things in our program is we don’t let outside influences control our lives. It’s kind of just noise to us. They’ve never said a word to me. I’ve never said a word to them. I always believe that praise and blame is all the same. You can’t, again, be a selective participant and listen to things that are good being said about you and block out bad things being said about you.”

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  • Patrick Elder

    Every time this guy says something it makes me like him more.

  • Kildawg

    If we get Chip Kelly as a coach, we are definitely drafting Pac-12 heavy. Hopefully he would keep the 4-3 defense (and leave it with Jauron) and have an offense similar to that guy in Boston who used to coach for us…

  • FearTheRoo

    I’d be “surprised” if he coached the Browns. He already had an offer from Tampa Bay last year, and most likely Philadelphia this year. Both are better places than Cleveland. Honestly I’d be okay with that, his offense wouldn’t fit in the NFL with our players.

  • LaundroMat

    So you wouldn’t actually be surprised?

  • Henry Brown

    Kelly said. “There’s a lot of ways to play football…Trends go one way
    and the other… Any coach is going to learn from other people and see
    how they can implement it in their system. Anything you do has to be
    personnel driven. You have to adapt to the personnel you have. There’s
    a lot of great offenses out there, but does it fit with the personnel
    you have. The key is making sure what you’re doing is giving your
    people a chance to be successful.”