While We’re Waiting… Cavs/Browns then and now, Senior Bowl QB’s


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“It’s the first season following LeBron James’ decision to leave the Cavaliers and sign with the Miami Heat. The Cavs are in the middle of an epic losing streak. Last night, Cleveland lost its 17th game in a row to the Brooklyn New Jersey Nets. This loss sent the Cavs to 8-36 on the season.

Now, you might look at that record and think “Hey, Conrad — the Cavs only have 3 more wins this year. They are teh sucks. Why dont they trade for some all stars? Duh.” But you would be wrong.

Sure, they only have three more wins but improving a rebuilding team is so much more complicated than pure wins and losses. For starters, let’s look at this box score.” [Kaczmarek/Fear the Sword]


Now that the Buckeyes have completed a third of the conference schedule, what have we learned about them so far?

Chris: In a nutshell, I think we’ve learned they are pretty good defensive team that struggles to score points as a result of so many players not yet showing an ability to take on a significantly expanded role.

Vico: At this point in the season, I think we learned that a preseason top five ranking was a bit optimistic. This is not a particularly “elite” team befitting a top five ranking, even if it’s a very good team with a lot of nice qualities. Further, I think we’ve learned we miss Jared Sullinger more than we would like. Evan Ravenel is a nice workhorse and Amir Williams has potential, but neither have been what Sullinger was for us for the two years he was here. As such, questionable post play may be the culprit that gets us in March.

Kyle: A lot, in my opinion — that Deshaun Thomas is really good, that the team needs at least one more scorer to truly be a conference title threat, and that they’re remarkably inconsistent. Guys like Sam Thompson, Shannon Scott, Amir Williams and LaQuinton Ross really haven’t been in the heat of the battle during their careers. I understand that. But Thomas, Aaron Craft, Lenzelle Smith Jr. and Evan Ravenel have. Still, far too often Ohio State looks like an inexperienced team out there. That should not be the case at this point.

Michael: We’ve learned that Ohio State’s offense is not to be trusted outside of Thomas. Scoring by committee is fine, but these guys are missing too many committee meetings. We’ve also learned that Amir Williams can be a frustrating player to watch at times. I still think his ceiling is high, but he must have stronger hands in traffic, contribute more offensively, and learn how to defend a simple drop step.” [Citro/Eleven Warriors]


“Quarterbacks at all-star games have tough assignments. The six Senor Bowl signal callers will be playing off cliff notes of a new offense, throwing to unfamiliar receivers and taking snaps from a new center in Saturday’s NFL showcase. And they’ll all do it from under center, not the shotgun for those more accustomed to the spread in college. All the while with dozens of scouts, coaches and NFL execs studying their every move on and off the field. Not that anyone is complaining considering the potential rewards.

“It’s a job interview so you’ve got to be ready to go when it’s time to go,” Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib he said.

That could mean a lot of money for those who deftly manage the tasks. The game might be the most relaxing part of the weeklong job fair.West Virginia’s Geno Smith, widely considered the top quarterback prospect, skipped the Senior Bowl.That left Nassib, North Carolina State’s Mike Glennon and Zac Dysert of Miami, Ohio, as the North quarterbacks and Florida State’s E.J. Manuel, Oklahoma’s Landry Jones and Arkansas’ Tyler Wilson on the South.” [Zenor/Associated Press]


“In 2011, in Chudzinski’s first year as offensive coordinator with the Panthers, the team set club records for total yards (6,237) just a year after the team experienced franchise lows. The negative about Chudzinski’s offenses were in the second year of them. In 2008, the offense regressed and so it could have been said about last season’s Panther offense, the second year with Cam Newton. However, I believe most Browns fans would take at least one great year of offense first.

Turner pointed out that he and Chudzinski teamed up to have a potent offense in San Diego.

“That first year (Chudzinski) was with us we were 13-3 and we were a very, very productive offense,” Turner said. “We were in the top five in big plays in the league and we’ve always been very productive in terms of plays over 20 yards.”

“The second year we were together we were first in the league in total offense and again, we were in the top four or five in terms of big plays.”

Let’s take a look at the key players in the Browns offense in 2007 and compare them to the players in those positions currently on the roster.” [Greetham/Orange and Brown Report]