While We’re Waiting… Chip Kelly Mania


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Fans are split, but the hype might eventually be for real: “Joe Banner isn’t seen the savior. Jimmy Haslam’s ownership is welcomed, but there is cautious optimism with the Tennessee billionaire. Browns fans have been burned numerous times before. They are done trusting the fire. After days of speculation, the Browns are finally interviewed Oregon coach Chip Kelly. If you spend 30 seconds on Twitter, you’ll find as many fans and media members who are for Kelly and just as many who are against the potential hire.” [Don Delco/Orange & Brown Report]

One writer remarks how it’s never easy being a Browns fan: “If this is going to be the end result, Kelly could have endeared himself more to the Dawg Pound by reaching an agreement Friday night. The speculation surrounding the Browns’ coaching search was that Kelly was the top candidate and Penn State’s Bill O’Brien was the next target. With O’Brien staying at Penn State, the Browns probably want to get a deal done with Kelly as soon as possible or they may have to go much farther down their wish list.” [Jamison Hensley/ESPN AFC North Blog]

Speaking of Kelly, there were plenty of these kinds of fake reports yesterday. [Eric Sandy/Cleveland Scene]

And finally on the Oregon topic, take a look back at their uniform developments this past season: “For more than a decade now, the Ducks have been innovators and envelope-pushers, mixing random colors (or at least non-school colors) with “technological” improvements, creating a hype that is more famous (or at least as popular) as the football they actually play. And they’ve gotten quite good at both. In fact, I’d almost say the football talent has surpassed the outrageous costumes we’ve come to expect week in and week out.” [Phil Hecken/Uni Watch]

Well then, that Cavs game certainly had some ups and downs: “The first half was possibly the Cavs’ best of the season. They dropped 62 points and everything seemed to be working. They were up 14 and honestly it would have been much more if not for Gerald Henderson channeling his inner Ray Allen, draining all 3 of this triple tries. CJ Miles’ is TAKING ADVANTAGE of his starting role. He came out launching yet again – his first 5 shots being 3s (he made 3 of them). This has gone largely unnoticed since the Cavs only have 8 wins and there are so many other more compelling story lines at play, but if you filter just 7 utterly miserable games from CJ Miles this season he is easily having the best season of his career.” [Tom Pestak/Cavs: The Blog]

Previewing today’s big OSU basketball game: “If Wednesday’s game was P.E. class, Saturday will be akin to calculus. In the Big Ten, 70-44 wins don’t come round often. Assembly Hall in Champaign is not an easy venue to come away victorious. The Buckeyes found that out firsthand last season, when Brandon Paul scored 43 points to stun Ohio State. Look no further than Illinois to know how difficult the road is in the Big Ten. The Illini lost their opener at rebuilding Purdue.” [Kyle Rowland/Eleven Warriors]

  • MrCleaveland

    Well this has to be a tad awkward. Jimmy and Joe throw themselves at Chip and he says in effect, “Thanks for inviting me to the prom, but I’m going to see if I get a better offer. But if I don’t, I’d LOVE to go with you.”

    J&J cannot be happy this morning.

  • cmm13

    Not sure which is worse…

    1. Jimmy and Joe have been pining after him for months, finally getting access to him and his agent this week where they really fawn for him, backup the Brinks truck with control on the roster and he would still like to “see his options”.

    2. They have all agreed to terms in principle but as a “courtesy” he will still meet with other teams that have expressed interest.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Maybe we can “trade” for a head coach just like players that way they won’t have a choice. But seriously Kelly is being smart if this is true. More importantly as mentioned above with all of the stories on this subject who knows what in fact is true.

  • pete

    I mean, the offer from the Browns could be far and away the best he would see but why wouldn’t he hear what the other teams have to say before saying yes?

  • Henry Brown

    I am so sick of Jamison’s constant backhanded compliments and put downs. So what if he’s going to a couple of other interviews. He should. Guy can never say a good thing about the Browns without throwing in a negative. Well typical Ravens fan, they all pathologically hate the Browns out of guilt.