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“Even after the knee surgery, it appears likely that Varejao will be worth the rest of his contract, which means the trade market could be huge for the guy on both draft night, and during this offseason. Even if other GMs regard Varejao’s 2012-13 numbers (14.1 points, 14.4 rebounds, 3.4 assists and 2.1 combined steals/blocks in 36 minutes a game) as a fluke, they can still be more than persuaded into dealing for a player in his prime that works at a position that is hard to fill.

Especially when you consider the fact that less than half of the money owed Varejao in 2014-15 is guaranteed. Teams wary of the luxury tax can deal for him as a one-year rental for 2013-14, and then waive Anderson and only have $4 million go against their payroll. Or deal him to a team attempting to cut just enough salary to get below the luxury tax line. This means he’s still a fantastic commodity on the NBA’s trading block. Maybe not for Eric Bledsoe (unless the Clippers badly screw up and deal away a sure star in the second year guard), but for all manner of enviable assets.” [Dwyer/Ball Don’t Lie]


Trevor Bauer’s mechanics. [Getting Blanked]


Projecting the Tribe’s 25 man roster– “With Russ Canzler gone again, I’ve pushed Rule 5 selection Chris McGuiness to the DH spot, but only as a placeholder. If nothing changes, the Indians will likely rotate players in and out of the DH in order to take advantage of offense/defense or platoon spits, in addition to giving players a quasi-day off (such as Carlos Santana on Sunday afternoon). At this point I think Ezequiel Carrera has to lose his spot on the roster, as he’s out of options and without a lot of 40-man competition with Neal and Canzler out of the way. If the Indians don’t sign Jim Thome or bring back Travis Hafner, that last bench spot could go to anyone, whether it be infielder or outfielder.” [Ryan/Let’s Go Tribe]


“At this point, the reported December rumor from the Boston Globe that Lombardi would trade for New England backup Ryan Mallett has to be given credence. The Browns haven’t commented, but given the way they hired Lombardi after dismissing his hire, and given the way they said things came together on his hire in the past week to 10 days after it had been reported for months, well, anything seems possible. Especially a rumor that might link Lombardi to a passer associated with Bill Belichick, such as Mallett.” [McManamon/FSO]


Reviewing Winn and Hughes- “Going into the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns had a huge need at the defensive tackle position. Although Phil Taylor and Ahtyba Rubin were penciled in as the starters, the team knew they had to add depth at the position so they could create a rotation. In 2011, Rubin and Taylor played the second and 16th most snaps respectively amongst all NFL defensive tackles. This high number of snaps played by Rubin and Taylor negatively attributed to the Browns’ run defense as they finished the season 30th against the run. There just wasn’t the depth at defensive tackle to give Rubin and Taylor sufficient time off the field.

Knowing all of this, on the second day and third days of the 2012 NFL Draft, former Browns’ General Manager Tom Heckert invested a third round pick in John Hughes and a sixth round pick in Billy Winn. Hughes is a stout defensive tackle that rarely gets knocked back at the point of attack. Although he is known as a run stopper, Hughes can put pressure on the quarterback from time to time because of how hard he works. Winn, on the other hand, is a very good athlete for the position and has the versatility to play up and down the defensive line. He has the strength to hold up at the point of attack and he also has the athletic ability to get after the quarterback, along with dropping into zone coverage or spying on the quarterback from time to time. [Leister/Browns Draft]

  • Harv 21

    “Although he is known as a run stopper, Hughes can put pressure on the quarterback from time to time because of how hard he works.”

    So now’s the time I would again have expressed thanks for our having a good personnel man who ignores amateur draft analysis, if Heckert were still here. Hard-working was not exactly the label given Hughes when Heck was criticized for taking a guy who maybe shouldn’t have even been drafted. (sigh)

  • boomhauertjs

    I think that’s the first time Dwyer has ever written something nice about the Cavs or one of their players.

  • mgbode

    he’s been more even-handed with the Cavs this season and even leaves out his jabs to Gilbert in most of them

  • mgbode

    point of interest:

    LeBron (though it could have been any player, happened to be him) apparently complained the Kings were sold for $575mil and says that shows the NBA owners could not have possibly been losing money per season.

    This is one of the things I hate about the media/players/fans in how things are presented. That is a lazy argument on so many different levels:

    1. It could be that the new CBA fixed some of the previous financial problems and that is reflected in the sales price.

    2. It could be that the year-to-year revenues were at a loss (short term gains) while the values of the franchises climbed (long term gains). This issue is still a problem because the operating costs of a franchise matter as you cannot cash out those long term gains without selling at least part of the team.

    3. It could be that the owners were conflicted amongst themselves. This, in fact, seemed to be the case as Gilbert and other smaller market teams drove some of the decisions to try to level the playing field a bit. I don’t think this was the over-riding reason it went to a lockout, but it definitely became one of the sticking points once it did go there.

  • Harv 21

    “Varajao proved early in 2012-13 that he was using footwork, length, touch and smarts to pile up his big numbers. He wasn’t merely flying in to dunk over people or relying on athleticism. This was good news to anyone who wondered how he’d hold up after moving deeper into a contract that could potentially pay him (including this season) $27 million between now and when his contract expires in 2015. A contract that will pay him until he’s 33 years of age.”

    This is what I have been saying to the “must dump him before he gets older” faction. He is injury prone, but I don’t buy the argument that when the time comes that the Cavs need his kind of glue, toughness, heart and soul he will be over the hill. He’s getting smarter and more valuable, and that offsets a lot of any loss he’ll have in speed and hops, which is pretty minimal now. Guys like him – Rodman and Charles Oakley come to mind – have been that guy well into their 30s. Another Andy-type might not be available at any cost when we need him for a playoff push.

    What I can’t argue against is that a player who is 70% of Andy’s skills and intangibles is more valuable than Andy available just 25 games a year. That’s the reason justifying a trade I’d get behind. But it still breaks my heart.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    so are we finally going to draft Mallett or what?

  • mgbode

    for the #6 overall pick we have our choice between Mallet and Locker. NE and Tenn are waiting impatiently on the other lines.

  • mgbode


    Joe Cullen – naked DL coach
    Louie Cioffi – Zona’s DB coach (w/ Horton, a huge get)
    Shane Steichen as an offensive quality control coach (a Norv guy)