MLB News: Indians sign OF Michael Bourn

In a surprise move Monday night, the Indians have signed free agent OF Michael Bourn according to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman, and confirmed by Ken Rosenthal.

Heyman reports that the deal is for four years and $48 million, with a vesting option that could make the deal worth $60 million over 5 years.

The New York Mets were the favorites to land Bourn, and were in on the free agent up until the last few hours.

Suddenly the Indians have a crowded outfield with Brantley, Swisher, Stubbs and Bourn. Three of those four could man centerfield. It will be a speedy outfield.

Bourn is 30 years old and a 2 time gold glove winner. He has made 2 NL All-Star teams and lead the league 3 times in stolen bases. Last year with Atlanta he hit .274 with a .739 OPS.

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  • TSR3000

    Whoa!! Nice!!

  • ObieMassillon

    Are we in bizarro world here? This story and the story about The Browns looking to land Mike Wallace back to back? What’s next?

  • saggy

    Fantastic move!

    I actually like this more for the fact that we can now use Stubbs as a 4th OF. he is not a starter, but he has speed to burn with some pop. a nice bench guy

  • dwhit110

    Where are the Tribe trolls now!?!

  • Jamie Gilbert

    Not sure it gets us to 90 wins but awesome

  • gct


  • TSR3000

    I bet we move Swish to 1B

  • TSR3000

    Nah man. Swish to 1B. Reynolds DH. Best defensive outfield in majors.

  • saggy

    that’s 350+ strikeouts from reynolds and stubbs. can’t have that.

  • stryker1121

    Where’s the weak spot in this lineup? Chiz? I’ve been extremely critical of the Dolans but I love the aggression they’ve showed this off-season. I wonder how much “swagger” Francona has added to make CLE an attractive place to play. “Winning” the off-season is a huge step for the franchise – now they just need someone to take the ball every fifth day;)

  • JeBron_Lames

    It would have been that regardless of Bourn.

  • nj0

    What is going on? I am wary of this new Pope-less world.

  • zonk

    Thumbs up that!

  • nomislegeis

    Why not trade Stubbs or Brantley? We have 3 center fielders. If the offer is right…

  • Jeff Rickel

    Wow. This lineup looks like it could be quite good and quite flexible. There’s some real potential here and this could turn into a memorable season if the starters can come together. That’s no where near the stretch of hoping that a bunch of unknown and unproven position players could hit. And it’s not like many of those vying for a spot in the rotation or in it already have never had success at the MLB level. Less of a leap of faith at this point. Defense and offense now look good.

  • nobody

    Hmm, I’m thinking playoffs this year…am I crazy?

  • cmm13

    Agreed and move Reynolds to DH.

  • cmm13

    The season officially hinges on the SP rotation.

    With moving Swish to everyday 1B and Reynolds to DH the lineup is major league legit.

    Here’s to hoping Tito is the cure for JMast and Ubaldo!

  • mgbode

    I take back everything I said about the DH now. Brantley/Bourn/Stubbs defensive OF with Swisher as DH is everything we could have hoped. Subbing out Stubbs for a better bat to give everyone a rest works out perfectly as well.
    Still need the arms, but this sure helps the optimism shine through for pitchers and catchers to report NEXT WEEK!

  • mgbode

    Reynolds has a good glove

  • mgbode

    tough call between us and the Braves but yeah.

  • Jaker

    Hey Terry Francona! You! I like you

  • Jim

    You lose something if you move Swisher to 1st and Reynolds to DH. They are more valuable at LF and 1st respectively. I would rather the Tribe try and find someone stupid enough to trade for Drew Stubbs.

  • cmm13

    mgbode is right, Gorbachev is not downstairs.

    “everyday” is probably a strong statement. Swish will spend time at 1B but also OF to give guys days off and fill in for injuries.

    The move provides overall depth to IF and OF.

  • mgbode

    dang skippy. now about that rotation.
    while we are in a headlines move, there’s this Lohse fellow that’s still looking for a home. do we dare to suggest?

  • Harv 21

    um, can we get a new cable deal again next year?

  • AhChoo

    braves fan (in cleveland) here,
    four year might be too much considering he is a slap-hitter/road runner and he is at the wrong side of 30, and he strikes out more than you’d like to.

    with that said, he is average to above average at center field and he is patient at the plate, and probably with good conditioning still has great speed left. I like this signing for the Indians, things are finally looking up for them

  • playing left out

    wowoweewa IS NICCEEE!!! never saw this one coming. first legit leadoff hitter on this team since kenny lofton. and he’s much like kenny. looking forward to seeing this lineup opening day.

  • MAtt underwood

    Wrong side of 30? He’s 30.

  • AhChoo

    well i meant that he will be under the duration of the contract. FIXED

  • Kildawg

    Pitchers and catchers have already reported to Goodyear. Everyone else due in by the 15th. First spring game is on the 23rd in Goodyear (we are the ‘away’ team).

  • jeff k

    LeBron coming back in 2014

  • SDA

    Wow I have to believe this is all Francona? I mean we were in better shape early last year (on paper) and we made no moves. And if this is all Francona then mr.Gilbert lets call Phil!!!!

  • Wow

    The front office did their part. This offense is loaded. Time for the pitchers to step up.

  • mgbode

    Holy cow it’s today? I had seen the 15th, but thought that was the initial reporting date. This is fantastic news. Baseball season begins today (and with such great news).

    Cleveland Indians: Tuesday, Feb. 12 | Friday, Feb. 15

  • DCTribeFan

    Yeah, I’m good for a Stubbs to the Mets for Zach Wheeler trade. Hey, it could happen….lol

  • Phil Smith

    Indians had the fewest strikeouts the last few years. Look how much good that did……