NCAA Recruiting: Buckeyes get RB Ezekiel Elliott

Before dinner the Buckeyes had already had what coach Urban Meyer had called “a great, not good day”. The Ohio State coaching staff got the icing on the cake with St. Louis native Ezekiel Elliot.

Elliot is 6’0″ and between 190 and 200 pounds. He runs a 4.42 40 yard dash, and had 1,800 yards rushing and 400 yards receiving and 40 touchdowns his junior year. As a senior he rushed for another 1,400 yards and an astonishing 16.26 yards per carry. He ran for 29 touchdowns as a senior.

Urban Meyer said of Elliot that he had a different body type and running style than any other back on the roster. While he has the speed to pull away, he also is a physical runner.

The Buckeyes had the 1st or 2nd rated class by all the major outlets, including ESPN, Scout and Rivals.

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  • Kildawg

    Actually SEC-happy ESPN put Ohio State 3rd, behind Alabama and Florida. Scouts has us 1st because Ohio State landed more top prospects than anybody (think they got a good punter too but no LOI).

  • mgbode

    I just want to know what Ole Miss was telling recruits. It’s just hard to imagine that they were able to land a better class than LSU, A&M, and Georgia.

    Hey, come to Ole Miss where you can help defend the Egg Bowl.
    Hey, come to Ole Miss where we are the only team in the SEC where the fans stay at the tailgates during the games.
    Hey, come to Ole Miss where you get to play Bama, LSU, and A&M in the same division every year guaranteeing you a slot in the Gator Bowl (IN A GREAT YEAR!)

    I know they say that they redshirt Miss America’s there and the jeans and ballcap look is great on those ladies, but I don’t get it.