WFNY Podcast – 2013-02-02 – WFNY Curates: Deftones

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WFNY Podcast LogoFirst off, a warning. This is not a sports podcast. However, with things being kind of quiet in the sports world right now (it’s not like there’s a big game this weekend or anything, right?), and it being the weekend and all, Craig and I decided to try something a little different.

One of both of our favorite bands is the southern California metal band Deftones. So we set out on a task to discuss the band in great detail and talk about some of our favorite songs.

If you’re not a music fan at all, this may not be for you. If you’re Deftones fan, it’s definitely for you. If you like music and are either unfamiliar with the band or don’t necessarily care for it, I suggest giving a quick listen and seeing if we can help articulate what it is that we think is so great about this band.

To bring you to speed on the Deftones, here are our playlists with our favorite Deftones songs.

First, Craig’s:

And here’s mine:

If you notice, we both picked the same song as our favorite Deftones song. Here’s the music video for that song:

And finally, a couple live videos of the band:

We really hope you guys enjoy this, and we’ll probably be doing some similar music themed podcasts in the future.


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  • Inglourious Bradford

    I own 2 albums: ‘White Pony” and “Around The Fur”. I absolutely love ‘White Pony’. “ATF’ is definitely more raw and there are good tunes on there, but Pony is really solid from front to back.

  • Charles Luzar

    They’re my favorite band. I knew I liked you guys for a reason.


    Surprised “Teething” didn’t make your lists. It’s been at the top of mine since college.

    My list:

    1. Rickets
    2. Teething
    3. Rocket Skates (really high because it’s on my “getting ready to play hockey pre-game playlist for obvious reasons)
    4. Headup
    5. Elite
    6. Passenger
    7. Birthmark
    8. Be Quite and Drive (Far Away)
    9. Diamond Eyes
    10. My Own Summer (Shove It)
    11. Engine No. 9
    12. Goon Squad
    13. Rapture
    14. 7 Words
    15. Digital Bath
    16. Gauze
    17. Lifter
    18. Korea
    19. Kimdracula
    20. Poltergeist


    I had a similar story for what drew my to the Deftones. I’m roughly the same age as Craig (*cough* a few years older), and heard 7 Words my freshman year of college when it came out. For me, the hook was great, but what honestly hooked me was this:

    That break-down… ohhh, man. Hooked.

  • Andrew Schnitkey

    Honestly, I totally forgot about Teething. Not positive it would have made my top 20 anyway, but it would have been close. Great song.

  • dix

    deftones are from Sacramento. which is in northern california.