WFNY Podcast – 2013-02-11 – Scott and Craig talk Bourn, Flacco, Haslam and Mike Wallace

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WFNY Podcast LogoScott and Craig were going to discuss the Browns, but then the Bourn deal was announced and we called an audible.

  • Bourn!!!
  • Now that the Indians signed Bourn and Swisher, is the Choo deal any less justified?
  • Is this team building exercise the reason that Terry Francona decided to come to Cleveland?
  • How many of these acquisitions have Terry Francona’s fingerprints on them?
  • How close does this put the Indians to competing in the division?
  • Jimmy Haslam’s move back to Pilot Flying J and it if really matters at all
  • Joe Flacco and the Cleveland Browns per Peter King
  • Is Joe Flacco elite?
  • Is Joe Flacco worth the money plus two first round draft choices?
  • Mike Wallace and the Browns?
  • Is it going to take Vincent Jackson money?
  • Would that kind of money be OK for Mike Wallace to be the Browns’ best wide receiver?

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  • jimkanicki

    here in boston, there is a strong sense that francona was treated shabbily by the redsox and even though he was graceful about it, it really pissed him off. like, it’s still a thing for francona and he’s relishing the chance to show mlb in general he’s still got chops and to tuck it to the sox in particular.

    good work gents. didnt dig the wallace-flacco talk, really hoping we dont run at either. in particular wallace:
    1. benjamin brings comparable speed and vertical and i’m a big fan of gordon/little and,
    2. if you want to hurt the steelers, keenan lewis is the play.