WFNY Podcast – 2013-02-25 – Jacob talks Tribe, Cavs and Oscars (briefly)

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WFNY Podcast LogoWe really didn’t talk much about the Oscars at all, so don’t fret. Mostly we talked about the Cavs and their loss to the Heat.

Here’s what else we discussed.

  • The Cavs and the “gravity” of the game against the Heat
  • Measuring against one of the best teams in the NBA
  • Dion Waiters stepping up in a big game as a rookie
  • The Cleveland Indians off-season and the effect on attendance
  • How much of a boost to ticket sales have the Indians achieved right now?
  • How badly does it hurt to play seven games with the Yankees and Red Sox in April when it’s a struggle to get butts in the seats?
  • Mark Shapiro’s comments and how true they were and whether or not they should have been said
  • Playoff NBA action vs. playoff baseball action
  • And much, much more.

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