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Great take on the Indians’ one day fantasy camp from the lone female participant– “It was an anti-climactic moment when I looked at my uniformed self in the mirror. I looked like a ballplayer, but I didn’t feel like one. It felt like a costume, not a uniform. I could hear the talking and laughing of the other players across the hall. It was kind of lonely in a locker room for one, so I headed for the field.

I stepped into the hallway where Albert Belle reportedly swore at people (when here as a visitor), went down the steps that I’m told Cal Ripken could bound up in two strides, and walked into the dugout where Ozzie Guillen gave the choke sign. The wide, gorgeous green expanse of Progressive Field stretched out before me like an endless summer day. I walked up the dugout steps and onto the field. The moment my cleats hit the dirt, I felt like a ballplayer. And like a kid.” [Petrone/ESPN.com]


“My natural instinct in basketball is to root for guys like Burke because of their natural flair and aesthetic superiority, but in tennis I’ve always been attracted to Nadal’s resilient, tenacious style, and when I made the connection yesterday, Craft began to win me over. Yes, he sometimes forces things on offense (though I tend to think that’s a product of OSU’s limited options compared to last season), but otherwise he does everything right, and plays every moment hard. I know it’s a cliche, but there’s still something special about watching a player whose intensity never seems to ebb. And speaking of cliches, you can’t ignore how Craft carries himself. Even after the refs hung him out to dry, he allowed himself just that brief instant of world-weariness, lying on the floor, before he popped up, shook it off, and hugged Trey Burke.” [Ryan/Grantland]


“However, in his introductory press conference, Lombardi also claimed that working in the media improved his talent evaluating talents (mostly via an office at NFL Films) and broadened his perspective of the league. Was he telling the truth? We remember Lombardi’s facepalm-inducing opinions of Joe Haden and Josh Gordon, but surely he got something right, right?

Well that’s what your intrepid correspondent set out to discover. For three days I did nothing but eat, sleep, drink, read, and listen to Michael Lombardi, the man, the myth, the legend, circa 2008-2012, going where the mainstream media refuses to go. What I uncovered was equal parts mesmerizing, gut-wrenching, and flabbergasting, and I encourage all of you to read on to see for yourself – it’s basically your civic duty.” [Borcas/Cleveland Frowns]


Uni Watch ran a uniform redesign contest for the Browns. Some interesting designs. [Lukas/Uni Watch]


Danny Ferry ready to deal once again. This time as GM of the Hawks– “That said, Ferry could just as easily sit tight and wait for the season to end. Just imagine the freed salary cap space if he did. So yes, Ferry will take your call. And yes, he’ll listen to your proposal. But no, he’s not desperate. Far from it. That makes him more than the GM of the Hawks. It makes him the most compelling man in the NBA for the rest of the month. [Amico/FSO]

  • porckchop

    “We remember Lombardi’s facepalm-inducing opinions of Joe Haden and Josh Gordon, but surely he got something right, right?”
    Can anyone point to who facepalmed themselves when Lombardi said that giving up a 2nd round pick for a reciever who hadn’t played in a year and had maturity issues was a “wasted pick”? Sure we all facepalm “now” that we know he had a good year, but back in the summer? I don’t remember anyone being overly excited about what Gordon would do. In fact I think the general consensus was that at best it was an incredibly risky move. It paid off but you can’t criticize someone for saying what we were all thinking.
    As for Haden can he at least – you know – earn some league wide accolades that would indicate that he is an elite level cornerback before jumping on Lombardi’s assertion that he lacks the speed to be an elite level cornerback. Earl Thomas was drafted after Haden he’s made a pro-bowl, so far Haden has been very good, but until he at least makes a pro-bowl we need to temper the “He’s Grrrrrreat!” talk.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The Gordon decision was absolutely a risk that has paid off it’s a move like this as to why I was really 50-50 on Heckert, As for Haden he was one of the best corners I do believe in that draft (going by memory) the only question was whether it was to early to draft him. I agree I don’t think Haden has been worthy of the pedestal Browns fans put him on however the defense is much better with him then without. He’s also been playing in a secondary that hasn’t been that good not to mention other then D’Q Jackson what other names are standouts on that defense? Maybe Sheard but that’s about it.

  • Harv 21

    agree with your Haden comments. “Future all-pro” is a prediction rather than a reality, but fans desperate to fall in love repeat it to each other as if saying it puts Haden within the elite. He’s good, but there’s other good corners in the AFC.

    I see Haden as having plenty of speed and size to be elite, but at least thus far falls short of hat level because of his football brain. He guesses and gets badly faked out of the camera shot too often for someone of his talent. Wonder if he’s sufficiently devoting himself to studying film, because receivers are able to set him up for a countermoves he doesn’t recognize. He did improve in one area last season – he stopped dropping catchable interceptions.

  • http://www.clevelandfrowns.com/ Cleveland Frowns

    Haden has tight hips, certainly a result of too much weightlifting at the expense of other training methods (his father runs a personal training business, I believe). He has plenty of skill, but lack of fluid hips is definitely a significant weakness for him that contributes to his susceptibility to moves that you discuss above.

  • mgbode

    also his incessant need to not be ready at the snap drives me nuts. he’ll be standing straight up basically mocking the WR and then he cannot always get into position on the snap.

  • Harv 21

    he may have hips like a plastic Barbie, but don’t see how that’s related to what I’m seeing. Which is not a slowness to react, it’s Haden quickly reacting and moving – but the wrong direction.