While We’re Waiting… Cavs’ Rising Stars, Ohio State Niners, and Mike Holmgren


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Leading off, Brendan Bowers at Stepien Rules takes a closer look at the four Rising Stars Cavaliers from their high school days, “He’s a long-term stock. That line describing Tristan Thompson, true back in 2010 as a member of Findlay Prep, is still true three years later. Thompson has provided plenty of reasons to be bullish moving forward this season specifically, too, as he continues to develop his game. He’s not a combo forward anymore, though, but has shown the ability to also play some five.” [Stepien Rules]

There are four San Francisco 49ers in Sunday’s Super Bowl that played their college ball at Ohio State. Michael at Eleven Warriors goes down memory lane, “Donte Whitner, Alex Boone, Ted Ginn Jr., and Larry Grant are all part of the rich heritage of Ohio State football. Each player’s individual legacy is interwoven into the fabric of Ohio State football. Each is part of a larger, beautiful mosaic. In much the same way, a Geddy Lee bass line and a Neil Peart drum fill are both nice on their own, but together they form artistic brilliance.” [Eleven Warriors]

What a surprise, Mike Holmgren went on Seattle radio recently! Chris Pokorny and Dawgs By Nature has the recap of some of what Holmgren said, “I was doing a lot of things for Randy Lerner that he quite honestly didn’t want to do. I went to the Owner’s Meetings representing him, representing the club, things like that, and Jimmy Haslam wants to do those things, so really I understood it. It was just the hard part was that I think we had built a pretty good foundation. We didn’t produce on the field like I would have liked, but I think moving forward…keep an eye on them, I think they are going to be fine.”” [Dawgs By Nature]

Rob Neyer at SB Nation criticizes Jim Caple for his words about WAR and the MVP race last season, “Wait a minute, I’m not straight on something … According to Bleacher Report, WAR was abig factor … but it wasn’t a decisive factor? There’s little evidence of the former, but plenty of the latter. Considering that Cabrera received 22 first-place votes for MVP, compared to only six for Trout (ironically, one of those came from Caple). Caple, like most of the WAR skeptics before him, is reduced to fighting a straw man. The people who write about baseball for a living and believe that WAR is the only stat that should be considered are far, far outnumbered by the people who write about baseball and a) pay no attention to WAR at all, b) pay little attention to anything but Triple Crown statistics and the standings, or c) both.” [Neyer/SB Nation]

Finally, Kyle at Eleven Warriors takes a look into what I’ve been screaming for weeks. The Buckeyes need more LaQuinton Ross, “Ohio State lost four of those five contests, as Ross shot 28.5 percent (6-21) from the field, including 2-of-10 from three-point range, and finished with just six rebounds and seven turnovers. In the three games following the Buckeyes’ defeat in East Lansing, Ross has played more than 18 minutes per game and is shooting at a 50 percent clip. Over the past 16 months, few, if any, would blame Ross for complaining. He played a grand total of 31 minutes in Big Ten games and did not appear in the NCAA Tournament last season. But he hasn’t been a dividing force inside a rock-solid locker room.” [Eleven Warriors]


  • Lyon25

    Ross should be playing starters minutes. He’s easily the 2nd best scoring option on this team. It’s almost criminal that he gets few minutes in big games

  • Porckchop

    In defense of Hogrum, if you look at the number of people Banner has added and think that all if those jobs were Homelessrens its no wonder the team failed. It blows my mind that Lerner could have the education and business experience he does and not be able to set up a functioning front office.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    This one goes out to the Indians front office personnel who buried their heads in statistics a year ago while their team went on to finish 68-94 and my buddy mgbode, “WAR, huh, yea, what is it good for…!” 😉

  • mgbode

    considering the big market teams are focusing on the statistics as well, it makes it tough.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I never said you disregard statistics you just don’t act solely based upon them. The fact that the Indians built a team like they did a year ago and have now almost completely gone in the opposite direction illustrates, at least to me, that they are searching for a way to act. I’ll be curious to see whether this new strategy of homerun/high strikeout hitters does better then the small ball i.e. get on base however possible strategy of a year ago. Sadly the one phase of the game that sunk the team, pitching, was marginally addressed with Bauer and Myers. Time will tell as it always does.