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“2. Legitimate deep threat: By adding Wallace, the Browns would be adding an already proven, legitimate deep threat. At times last year Brandon Weeden showed flashes of hitting the home run play. Imagine if Weeden had Wallace to the outside, those throws become much easier with that kind of speed. Not only would Weeden benefit from adding a deep threat like Wallace on the outside, the entire offense would benefit. Cleveland already added offensive guru Norv Turner to the staff, so in theory the offense should already be improved. Adding a deep threat like Wallace could improve the offense tenfold. Turner is a part of the “Air Coryell” tree that likes to stretch the field. A guy like Mike Wallace is an ideal person to have in Norv Turner’s offense. Think of Vinvent Jackson when he was in San Diego, that’s what Wallace would bring to Norv’s offense. Check out the below chart. Wallace is a premier talent in the long ball. He’s already lead the league in 40+ yard catches in 2010, just his second year. His ability to get behind defenses is attractive, no matter what offense is being ran. In my opinion he underperformed last year in his contract year. Even still, he was able to haul in 4 40+ yard receptions, one more than Josh Gordon for the Browns. No one thinks the Browns are going to chuck it around 50 times a game, but with the addition of Norv to the staff, Wallace would be the pièce de résistance to an offensive renaissance.” [Miller/Dawgs By Nature]


“Lofton is close to a best-case example of a pure athlete with little experience figuring out how to play baseball. In the minors, Lofton always showed good speed and athleticism, but he didn’t know how to play baseball at first. His on-base abilities took a bit of time to develop, and he never showed much long-drive power in the minors. But he thrived once he turned his attention to baseball full-time in 1990. Looking at him in 1988 or 1989, you’d never think he could become the player he did.” [Sickels/SBNation]


“Swisher never stops. Just watch him for a minute in the Indians’ clubhouse. After shedding his batting gloves and dropping them on a chair, he bounces over to the refrigerator to grab a drink. Without pause, he closes the door, spins off and heads toward the bathroom, greeting everyone he passes with a head nod, back slap or saying their nickname. Then it’s back to his locker, where he stops for a moment to do to an interview.

Not yet, though. Jason Giambi is leaving. “All right, Big G,” Swisher hollers to his teammate. “I’ll see you later, bro.”

This is where Swisher wants to be most, hanging out with his teammates, the guys he’ll be around for most of the next eight months. And for the duration, count on him being Nick Swisher, Mr. Excitement.” [Withers/FSO]


“The Indians catcher remains a work in progress, both at the plate and behind it. That’s where Sandy Alomar comes in. The Tribe bench coach also is the club’s catching instructor, and he pays special attention to the needs of Santana, who has started 223 games at catcher.

As with all catchers, throwing, receiving, blocking the plate and dealing with pop flies are areas that require regular work. Alomar’s latest project for Santana is more cerebral. “Communication is what we’re trying to emphasize now,” Alomar said Wednesday. “We don’t want him saying yes to something and not actually getting it.” [Ocker/Ohio.com]


Finally, what if the NFL logos were all old English style? [Dave’s Art Locker]

  • mgbode

    i’m with Kanicki, K.Lewis is higher on the list of players to steal from Pitt. Wallace is okay, but not as important and I think he’ll be asking for too much $$$.

    even at WR, I would much, much prefer Welker to Wallace. If Wallace is asking Vincent Jackson money (supposedly why he held out in Pitt), then we should politely tell him to have good luck on the market.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Haha, that last link is a riot. I think my favorite name is the “Whiskery GrowlyCats” and I think my favorite logo is the Raiders’ with the croquet mallets instead of cutlasses.

  • Natedawg86

    If we are going to go after Wallace, lock him up for 4-5 years. It is a lot of $$, but he is used to playing in the cold. With a WR core of Wallace, Gordon, Little, Benjamin and Norwood/Cooper in the reserves, suddenly our WR corps looks fairly solid.

  • mgbode

    I think referring to Baltimore as the Beaky Bastards is pretty apt.
    as is Ye Greasy Arses for Pitt.

    I also do like the Clumsy Concordes as it reminds me that Mark Sanchez ran right into his OL and it was hilarious.

    and was it just me or does the “Rather Large Men” bear a striking resemblence to Holmgren?

  • mgbode

    UniWatch had an article last week against Native American Imagery in sports. This week he is discussing the opposing side:


  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    “Even still, he was able to haul in 4 40+ yard receptions, one more than Josh Gordon for the Browns.”

    Oh, so the experienced guy only has one more 40+ yard reception than our rookie? I’ll just stick with Gordon, thank you.

    (Also enjoyed the usage of the letter thorn (Þ) for “Þe old brown elf”)

  • Slooz

    Anyone else think Swisher sounds more annoying than leader-y? I don’t know the guy and have no idea how it comes off in person, and I’m a fan of his signing regardless b/c of the on-field production, but every time I read these stories about his personality I always remember the guys in my high school and college locker rooms that were just way too bouncy and upbeat and excited to be your best friend and tell you all about how excited they were, over and over again. They weren’t really the leader types.

    Again, I don’t know Swisher and I’m obviously not there, but it’s just what that reminds me of.

  • mgbode

    every team needs a rah-rah leader but also one that just leads by example and is so good that others just follow. swisher seems the rah-rah type. asdrubal seems like he might be the lead by example type this year.