Animated: Aaron Craft sends Ohio State to the Sweet 16

It was the ultimate “No no no no no no… YES!” shot. Aaron Craft is not known to be a three point shooter. He wasn’t even going to be known as a free throw shooter much as he missed some of those down the stretch of this game. But, in this one time with this moment in front of him with a tie game, Aaron Craft stepped up, waved off his teammates and drained a three point shot with almost no time remaining.

Animated: Aaron Craft Drops It

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  • @TheDeePagel

    He’s having a great tournament… possible tourney MVP great if we can keep moving on. From the diving into the scorers table to this. Excited to see what he does vs. Zona on Thursday.

  • humboldt

    Unreal. I’m still buzzing from that win. The Clevelander in me always thinks the worst in those moments, but it’s nice to come out on top every now and then!

  • historycat