New Contest- Win a Kyrie Irving King of Cleveland shirt!

Kyrie King shirtRookie of the year. Future game MVP. First time All-Star. Three point champion.

Kyrie Irving is quickly making his mark on the NBA, and is the present and future of basketball in Cleveland. Our good friends at GV Art and Design have made a new shirt in homage to Kyrie, and we want to give one away to a lucky reader.

These shirts are incredible quality. We can vouch for that.We’re excited that GV Art will soon have a storefront in Lakewood! Stay tuned for Grand Opening info in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, today is your chance to win a free King of Cleveland shirt!

Today’s question- What player’s jersey have you always wanted to have?
Any team. Any era. Go.

We will select a random comment from this post as our winner. One entry per household please. Good luck!

  • Connor B

    Bob Feller #19

  • Brad

    Today’s question: What player’s jersey have you always wanted to have?

    I was at a party during college when I randomly came across a Shawn Kemp Team USA dark blue jersey. He played on the 1994 off-year World Championship team. It’s the only time in my life I got close to stealing something. That kid might have been one of the original Hoopsters, but at least he had great taste.

  • Drew

    What player’s jersey have you always wanted to have?

    I’ve always wanted a white Mark Price jersey from the early 90s. Always like $70 on eBay though.

  • Stouter21

    1 of my 2 favorite Cleveland athletes ever…Clay Matthews or Albert Belle.

  • DFD

    1980 Indians Joe Charboneau #34. I’ve never seen one for sale unfortunately. Was lucky enough to find my Browns fav – Brian Brennan – on Ebay a few years back

  • Abbey kessman

    John Barbanti – My boss who passed away in 2005. He said he played for the Boston Celtics in the 80’s but I have never been able to find him on a roster. He was a great boss, in great shape, interested in everyone and being a team where even the weakest was buoyed by the best. He was a proponent of the 6th man!

  • Mark

    I’d have to go with a #60 Otto Graham jersey

  • Cassandra Taylor

    Oscar Robertson, Ohio State Buckeyes jersey

  • RGB

    Keith Furphy #25

  • Robbie S

    “What player’s jersey have you always wanted to have?”

    An authentic Barry Sanders jersey, powder blue, with the silver stripes on the sleeves. I just loved watching Barry run the ball. Even now, I can sit back and watch his highlights for hours.

  • Dave Whittaker

    Awesome shirt. I’ve always wanted a Rocky Colavito jersey for my Dad.

  • Gary B

    What player’s jersey have you always wanted to have?
    Brian Sipe, Browns

  • GMoney

    Ron Harper orange jersey from the Ohio Flyer poster. Count it.

  • AhChoo

    wilkins in the hawks pacman throwback.

  • waiting for this year

    Clay mathews or nightrain lane

  • Mary B

    Paul Brown

  • Lauren

    Tim Duncan or derrick rose

  • mgbode

    I hope you win the T-shirt