NFL Draft: Browns will host Arizona QB Matt Scott

Arizona’s Matt Scott has been climbing up draft boards since the combine. Projections on the dual threat QB range anywhere from the third to the 6th round, but after a solid pro day, Scott could be in the crosshairs of several teams, including the Browns-

Here’s a few scouting profiles on Scott-

“Scott’s lack of experience is a pretty big stumbling block at this point. He has fantastic arm talent and he has the mentality of a starting quarterback, but he won’t be able to start consistently for the first couple years he’s in the NFL. However, as a developmental guy who has to come into a game or two in a pinch, you could do a lot worse than him.

As NFL teams move more and more toward the read option and other schemes that favor mobile quarterbacks, Scott’s skillset will fit in more and more. At the very least, he should have a solid career as a reliable backup. With some careful grooming and a few years under an established starter, he could become a franchise quarterback himself.

Don’t be surprised to see a team like Green Bay, San Diego, or Pittsburgh identify him as a potential heir to Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, or Ben Roethlisberger, and pick him up as early as the fourth round. Or, a team like Kansas City, Cleveland, or Philadelphia could prioritize him as their guy to groom for a couple years, and he could be off the board in the third.” []

“Scott’s timing is right on the money. This year’s crop of passing prospects is widely regarded as mundane, but the free-agent market is equally thin. With Matt Moore off the list, teams are looking at a menu of David Garrard, Jason Campbell and Brady Quinn, among equally bland fare. Chase Daniel is intriguing, but thin pickings could mean a player like Scott goes earlier than expected.

Scott has been praised for his velocity and accuracy. Scouts have talked about his ability to thread the needle and it’s clear teams — every one of them, looking for that diamond in the rough — wants to find that guy they can pluck closer to the third round than the first. Considering the circumstances, Scott might not last that long.” [Sessler/]

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  • JeBron_Lames

    I’m fine with this in the third or fourth round, but not Geno with the sixth overall pick. Give Weeden another year.

  • JHop

    If we’re drafting project QBs this year, I’d much rather take EJ Manuel. More proven on a bigger stage and can be used in much more ways than Matt Scott.

  • mgbode

    EJ Manuel won’t be there in the 6th round. Or even the 3rd.

  • JHop

    You can always grab him in the 3rd, worst case.

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting that

  • asdflfhausefaodkjfh

    If we had a second round pick, I would consider using a third. But with the 3rd rounder being our second pick, probably shouldn’t burn it on a project when there are more immediate needs.

  • Shadow_play

    Let’s pick up this “project” QB and then rush him into action too early and ruin him like we do every young QB.

  • JHop

    You know the saying: 9th time’s the charm!