NFL Rumor: Browns could have interest in DE Cliff Avril

It’s hard to determine what is or isn’t throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. With that in mind, the Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot tweeted today a few free agents the Browns might be interested in-

“#Lions DE Cliff Avril, 20.5 sacks the past 2 yrs, is on #Browns radar in free agency. #Browns DL coach Joe Cullen developed him as rookie.”

“#Raiders’ DT Desmond Bryant on the #Browns’ radar in free agency.”

“In addition to Avril and Desmond Bryant, look for the #Brown to make a run at #Ravens LB Paul Kruger and try to weaken foe in process.”

We’ve discussed Kruger before, and know that many are speculating Kruger to Cleveland would make sense for both parties.

Desmond Bryant is a new rumor. The Harvard graduate has been in the news recently because of an arrest in Miami on a misdemeanor. He has been all over the internet however for an unbelievably stupid internet meme having to do with his mugshot. Regardless of all that, he is a 27 year old DT. With the Browns roster fairly set at the DT position, it would be tough to imagine the Browns paying big money for Bryant.

Cliff Avril is another story. Avril (26) is a five year vet who has never had less than 5.0 sacks in a season. The last three years he has had 28.5 of them. He would be an outstanding DE on this line. If the Browns were to add Avril and Kruger, they could certainly have that attacking defense that DC Ray Horton has been talking about.

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  • Jaker

    What does Costner think?

  • rick grayshock


  • mgbode

    Avril is a big man who can run. and he’s fast enough, I think he’d be OLB, not DE for us. It would mean 2 transitioning DEs to OLB though.

  • Derek Sabin

    MKC also said we might be interested in Groves. That should make mgbode happy.

  • mgbode

    why, yes, yes it does :)

    though she’s probably using posts here as her “source”

  • porkchop

    “unbelievably stupid internet meme”

    Its just a shame that this is the meme that’s out there ruining the good name of all those 10’s of 1000’s of incredibly useful, intelligent, sophisticated memes.

  • JK

    I smell a meme off…

  • Phil Smith

    Both, however, when drafted, were thought to be better 3-4 LB’s than 4-3 DE’s. I think it’s doable….

  • Phil Smith
  • mgbode

    that wasn’t the story on Sheard, but hopefully it works.

  • B-bo

    Sorry, but I refuse to recognize any meme that doesn’t involve a cat.