While We’re Waiting… A conversation with Mark Shapiro

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Our friends at The DiaTribe had a neat opportunity of a sit-down with Mark Shapiro. Here is Shapiro’s first quote: “‘Yeah, if you define active by spending money. This is my 22nd season with the team, and there’s never been anything of this magnitude. It’s clearly both a statement and effort by ownership. This isn’t just a front office effort. We identify players, make recommendations and provide alternative plans and they ultimately make the decisions. With both Swisher and Bourn, Paul Dolan was extremely involved and assertive in our efforts to get those players.'” [Al Ciammaichella]


An interesting report on Scott Kazmir and his latest Indians outing: “I think Kazmir still has the rotation spot in hand, but after today’s game, I don’t think it’s 100% certain. A lot of his breaking pitches today were up in the strike zone, and although he muddled through five innings, he didn’t get many style points while doing so. He allowed 13 hits to the Mariners, who had most of their regulars in the lineup. Probably the biggest key wasn’t necessarily the results, but his stuff.” [Ryan/Let’s Go Tribe]


Not truly headline-worthy, but thought I’d share these updates from Arizona: “The Cleveland Indians released minor leaguers OF Mark Bradley, OF Mark Brown, UTIL Tyler Cannon, RHP Estevenson Encarnacion, RHP Luis Encarnacion, UTIL Evan Frazar, LHP Daniel Jimenez, OF Hunter Jones, and LHP Kyle Petter today in the first cuts from minor league camp.” [Jim Piascik/Indians Baseball Insider]


The statistical baseball community is up in arms about Bill James’ recent assertion that groundball pitchers are over-valued and perhaps more injury-prone. “Now, there is a lot that can be teased out here, but I want to focus on the last part of James’ claim–that ground ball pitchers are more injury prone. Are ground ball pitchers (specifically, extreme ground ball pitchers) more injury prone? We can look at this a few ways. [Bill Petti/FanGraphs]


Another look at Byron Scott’s job security: “Even taking all those factors into consideration, we can’t help but still feel we need to ask an important question: Is Scott the right man for the job? To his credit, Scott is one of just two current coaches, along with Boston’s Doc Rivers, to have more than 400 wins as both a coach and a player. Now in his 13th year as an NBA head coach, Scott has 414 wins (along with 510 losses). However, he is just 62-155 with the Cavs.” [Thomas Moore/The Cleveland Fan]


SB Nation conducted its annual blog mock draft, with the resident Browns blog selection Oregon DE/OLB Dion Jordan: “Having Jordan on the roster as well gives the Browns some flexibility to move him, Sheard, Kruger and Groves around to suit their strengths, working in the best-possible rotation and finding out which tandem will be the best one in the future.” [Chris Pokorny/Dawgs By Nature]


A quick report from the Arizona perspective, who would be Ohio State’s next possible opponent if the Buckeyes advance to the Sweet 16: “But in a game where the talent mismatch was so apparent, it was really hard to gauge just how well this team was playing as a whole. But, give them credit for doing to Harvard exactly what a team with this size and talent should have done to Harvard.” [Andrew Murawa/Rush The Court]

  • ThatAlex

    Was Shapiro ever a lawyer at any time in his career? He’s a little TOO good at PR speak.
    This is not a compliment.

  • mgbode

    yeah, it’s better he respond like Savage.

    Go root for KC!