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WFNYBanner wwwIn honor of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, I bring to you a number of recent sports stats posts. First, there is this excellent recap of day one of the SSAC yesterday in Boston: “And it will get to be a bit much. With so much content, so many voices, so much stimuli and — to borrow a phrase that was very popular Friday, thanks in part to the presence of longtime stat rock star and New York Times best-selling author Nate Silver — so much “noise,” how could it not? There’s a massive amount of stuff here; it’s hard to make sense of it all. Which, now that you mention it, is pretty much exactly the problem facing the analysts, the NBA teams that employ them/for whom they want to work and the fans watching at home.” [Dan Devine/Ball Don’t Lie]

Next, here’s this paradoxical look at why more stats might be a bad thing for more stats: “As soon as each statistician joined an NBA squad, sharing in public became off-limits—and so, gradually, the think tank closed shop. What were the teams paying for, after all, if their new stat gurus were just posting their ideas online for the other 29 franchises to read? This has had a paradoxical result: Because NBA teams embraced advanced stats so quickly, progress on basketball analytics has actually slowed down. The top minds are now all working in silos, not only unable to collaborate but actually competing against each other.”  — [Jason Schwartz/Slate]

For the rest of today’s links, I’ll simply share the headlines. I encourage you to explore through them into the wonderful world of sports stats and the SSAC. I’m so darn jealous of our very own Craig, who’s there in Boston this weekend.

The future of baseball analytics: Checking in from the baseball panel at the Sloan Sports Conference — [Blake Murphy/ESPN.com]

Why The Sloan Conference Is The Super Bowl Of Sports Analytics — [Zach Slaton/Forbes]

MBA Q&A: The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference — [Erin Zlomek/Bloomberg Businessweek: Business Schools]

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Live — [Marcus Kwesi O’Mard/NESN.com]

Rejected MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference panels — [Matt Osten/The Basketball Jones]

Communication Breakdown: The Statistical Frontier — [Andrew Lynch/Hardwood Paroxysm]

The Real and Fake Shooters of the NBA — [Devin Dignam/The Wages of Wins Journal]

What’s Harder? 50 Points, 25 Rebounds, or 20 Assists? — [Rob Shaw/Bloomberg Sports: Stats Insights]

Teams Trailing Late in Games Play More Efficiently, Paper Suggests — [Jim Cavan/The New York Times’ Off the Dribble Blog]

Key #NFL Tweets from #SSAC13 — [Mike Mahoney/Storify]

Strike Zone Generosity and Team Pitching Success — [Jeff Sullivan/FanGraphs]

Picking apart the projected No. 1 seeds — [Jason Starrett/ESPN Stats & Information]


Now, for diversity’s sake, here’s an additional taste of some non-Cleveland-centric, non-stats-heavy material of late that I’ve also found relatively intriguing:

How Athens, Ohio became a basketball town — [Zac Jackson/FOX Sports Ohio]

Early WBC test: Can US beat Mexico? — [Jon Paul Morosi/FOX Sports]

Another look at NFL.com and white wide receivers — [Michael David Smith/Pro Football Talk]

Women’s basketball: Dayton riding record-setting season — [Graham Hays/espnW]

Behind the Screen: Welcome to Larry Sanders’ block party — [Matt Moore/CBSSports.com]