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It is outside the box, I’ll give him that– “The Cavaliers need to jump-start the process. Being patient is a virtue, but some of their assets are likely to deteriorate in value if they are not used at the correct time. For example, Dion Waiters was the fourth pick in the Draft last year. The Cavaliers are likely to have a pick around fourth this year. Which is more valuable to opposing teams? Unless they happen to be really high on Waiters, other teams are going to want the pick, even in a down year. So while Anderson Varejao’s value could be higher, the value of the Cavs 2013 first rounder is at its zenith.” [Zavac/Fear the Sword]


“Rob Chudzinski, a Toledo native, returns to Ohio to take the reins of Cleveland’s team. As a boy, his passion included putting the TV at the window and watching the games from the elements, to simulate the thrill of being there.

The biggest question is whether dog biscuits were consumed.

“There was occasional dog biscuits consumed,” Chudzinski said on Thursday’s edition of PFT Live. “I wouldn’t tell you they tasted very good, but we did that on occasion.” [Florio/PFT]


Mike Brown at UCLA?- “Mike Brown — Yes, the former Cavs and Lakers coach. Dan Guerrero would win the press conference, and Brown has plenty of California ties. He played at San Diego and his son is a guard at Southern California powerhouse Mater Dei and is being recruited by Pac-12 schools. The 43-year-old hasn’t recruited in the college ranks, but has instant credibility with kids having coached LeBron and Kobe. As long as he hired the right staff, he could be extremely successful at this level.” [CBS Sports.com]


“Basically, for every Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant, players destined for stardom regardless of circumstance, there are one-hundred players whose NBA career hinges on forces not under their control. These aspects could include: coaching, system, organizational commitment, or a positional logjam. Within those, exist subsets; coaching could include the boss’s relationship with or confidence in a player, or the instruction received. Lack of fit with a system perhaps hinges on the actual play-calls or perhaps a mis-assignment of role within the given plays. Perhaps items as diverse as the quality of an organizations trainers, strength coaches, nutritionists, or doctors, even give a player advantages over a similar guy. And sometimes, all that is needed is an opportunity.” [Hetrick/Cavs the Blog]


Finally, here’s a good explanation of the Indians’ opening day roster decisions. [Let’s Go Tribe]

  • J Pete

    Mike Brown would be brilliant as a college coach if he hired good recruiters…

  • mgbode

    I agree, but UCLA? One of the issues with Howland was that he wasn’t flamboyant enough to keep the buzz about UCLA going and that he was too defensive focused (and elite AAU players wanted to have fun on offense).

    Isn’t Mike Brown just the NBA equivalent of Ben Howland?

    Now, give Mike Brown the keys to Minnesota or really, any 2nd tier big conference school and I think he’d develop them into a defensive powerhouse.

  • mgbode

    FTS – well, outside the box at least. here are the issues:

    Marc Gasol – only signed for 2 more years($15mil and $16mil). we are giving up a realistic minimum of 6 more years of Waiters & Zeller, 7 more years of a top5 pick, and 2 more years of Andy.

    Horford – same but 3 years signed (and at a cheaper $12mil/year).

    So, you better be sure you are competing for a championship in the next 2-3 years. Obviously, Horford is the better option (bigger window, more $$$ to spend elsewhere, and he’s close to the same value as Marc on the court). Also, Atlanta is further from contending and has a friendly GM whom would likely work with us. Better chances all around of that one happening.

    Still, how do you compete for a championship in the next 3 years without any wing play? We’d have ZERO starting caliber SGs and SFs on the roster. We’d be back to absolutely no depth in the frontcourt (or 1 backup if we re-sign Speights). And, we’d have an incredible sense of urgency to compete NOW because otherwise it was a wasted trade.

    PG: Irving, Livingston?
    SG: Miles?, Ellington?
    SF: Gee, Lakers pick?
    PF: Tristan, Speights?
    C: Horford, ??

    ? indicates the player is not signed for next year at the moment.

    I think such a trade would be hasty an ill-advised at this point in our development.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Just like the Indians did it will soon be time for Chris Grant and the Cavaliers to make some tangible moves and I don’t mean making another top 5 lottery selection.

  • dwhit110

    I tend to agree with your assessment. My knee-jerk reaction to the trade was built around Waiters involvement. Seemed like an especially steep price. I’d wonder if (in this invented deal) an unprotected 2015 pick, rather than Waiters, or some platter of the picks we already own from Miami, Sac, etc. would get the job done.