While We’re Waiting… NBA Draft Board, Season Ending Grades, and More NFL Draft Talk

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Leading off, SI’s Chris Mannix has an update to his draft board for the 2013 NBA Draft, slotting Nerlens Noel at the top, “I’m not sure whether it speaks to the weakness at the top of the draft or the potential of Noel, but multiple general managers of teams with lottery picks say that if they land at No. 1, Noel is the pick. “He is not Anthony Davis,” said an Eastern Conference executive. “Davis is better. But he [Noel] is a high-energy center who will rebound and block shots. He’s the guy.” [SI/Mannix]

Are All Baseball Sins Equal? Stephanie Liscio discusses the suspensions of Carlos Quentin and Carlos Carrasco, “For me though, I guess I can’t understand how Quentin got off with just eight games for starting a rather vicious fight and breaking a pitcher’s collar bone.  If Carrasco’s throw was intentional, yes it means that he’s immature and can’t control his temper.  He shouldn’t have thrown so close to Youkilis’s head if he meant to hit him.  On the other hand, Carrasco’s actions come across as a petulant tantrum to me.  Quentin’s outburst showed a level of rage and violence that you didn’t see from Carrasco.” [It’s Pronounced Lajaway]

Also at SI, Ben Golliver breaks down each team with a near-season end grade. The Cavaliers passed, at least, “An ideal season would have been one long, stress-free joyride of the Kyrie Irving Express to superstardom. But finger and shoulder injuries have cost the 20-year-old point guard 23 games. When he plays, though, he has looked like the single brightest spot on any team with fewer than 30 wins, and he fully deserved his first All-Star nod. Elsewhere, Cleveland saw progress from second-year big man Tristan Thompson, who improved his production after a season-ending injury to Anderson Varejao in mid-December, and an inefficient but somewhat tempting rookie year from Dion Waiters.” [SI/Golliver]

Dawgs By Nature has this very handy list of players that the Browns have reportedly decided to bring in for a look prior to the 2013 NFL Draft.

At DraftBrowns.com, Brendan Leister has his third version of his first round mock draft, with Cleveland taking taking tight end Tyler Eifert from Notre Dame at 18 after two trade downs, “If the Browns are able to acquire extra draft picks by trading down (maybe even multiple times), do not be surprised to see them do just that.  In this particular mock draft, they trade down two times (from 6 to 12 and from 12 to 18).  Tyler Eifert is the most talented tight end in the entire draft class and he would give the Browns another young dynamic talent on offense; joining running back Trent Richardson and wide receiver Josh Gordon.  The Browns still need a tight end to pair with Jordan Cameron and Eifert is a perfect fit.” [Leister/DraftBrowns]

Finally, Wages of Wins has a fun little NBA playoff primer, as well as a season-ending look at their pre-season predictions. The Cavs were slotted right where they predicted.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Quentin got off easy if you ask me.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    Regarding the DraftBrowns article: with the new rookie salary structure, shouldn’t it cost even more to trade up higher into the first round? Just getting a second rounder doesn’t seem like a worthwhile trade for us to go from 6 to 12.