MLB News: Indians closer Chris Perez deletes his Twitter account

Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez has had enough. Following Monday afternoon’s extra-innings win against the Seattle Mariners, thus completing a four-game sweep at Progressive Field, Perez deleted his Twitter account largely in part to the barrage of hate-laced tweets being sent his way.

Chris Perez Twitter Feed

Perez, a two-time All-Star with the Indians, has become a bit of a target on the microblogging platform following his comments last season regarding fan support. On Tuesday afternoon, Perez gave up his third home run in what was his last two outings, forcing the Indians to come from behind via the heroics of reserve catcher Yan Gomes.

When Perez allowed two home runs this past weekend, he tweeted out that one of the most useful tools on Twitter was the “block” feature that allows him to not receive messages from select fans. On Tuesday, the closer seemingly had enough of the tasteless barbs being thrown his way, oftentimes anonymously.

Despite saving 90 percent of his chances (81-for-91) since becoming the Tribe’s closer in 2011, a cabal of Indians “fans” have decided to carry along a narrative that Perez “always” blows saves and—despite being just a few saves shy of long-time Indians reliever Doug Jones—has provided no benefit as the anchor of one of the best bullpens in the major leagues. More importantly, he’s a human being.

Perez often used Twitter to interact with fans, hand out free tickets to games, and reveal his “song of the day” each and every morning. It appears that the costs associated with his profile, at this stage, far outweighed the benefits. Tough to imagine why…

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  • Garry_Owen

    Well, you still call them “chicks,” so maybe I would.

    Yeah, pretty sure I would.
    Hey, all joking aside, stick around. I like your style, even if I don’t like your style.

  • Steve

    No, I completely get the point. But what’s being missed here is that people are unable to understand the difference between not liking what they are being told and being attacked. These are two vastly different things, yet people are equating what Perez said to what these fans are said, which is patently ridiculous.

    And of course, we are always quick to blame ballplayers not meeting our expectations on their personal shortcomings, despite the fact that in reality we know so little about the guy. The first sign that you are not an expert is that you think you can make statements about a person’s emotional intelligence from only a few comments.

  • Steve

    You ask me what I expect. I tell you honestly. Don’t get yourself into such a tizzy when you don’t like it.

  • ChrisHy

    Completely disagree. It’s given a voice to everyone, good or bad. I think most smart companies are talking and listening on Twitter. It’s crucial. Ignore what’s said there at your peril. It takes very little some something small to become something big.

    I’m not defending those who target Perez. but you’re going to be a target as a public figure on there. Tough it out.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    I read that as “I expect the world to be as I wish it to be, and not as it is”

  • Michael Brown

    I actually do “get out” quite a bit. Never stepped foot in Ohio, live in the Bay Area (CA), but have been a lifelong Cleveland fan. I’m not dumb and do know that this happens elsewhere, but it is tiring as a fan that when something bad happens dudes freak out and always take the “world is ending” scenario. Having grown up entirely around other fanbases, I’ve seen the perception that others have about Cleveland fans.

  • Scott @ WFNY

    Average is defined as the arithmetic mean, which 90 percent is in fact not. It’s good enough for ninth overall out of all qualified closers. Try again.

  • CB Everett

    Understood and agree about the “sky is falling” mentality, the hand wringing, etc. It’s annoying. I think the ahole, “fans” are another thing entirely, and my only point was that they’re in every fan base. Living in LA, I can attest to that personally my friend.

  • Jordan Matthew Wilhite

    lol. Bring back Jose Mesa? Yes, I would totally love to relive losing the 1997 world series.

    There is a turd in the punchbowl.

  • Jordan Matthew Wilhite

    More of an enemy to cleveland than Lebron?

    Somewhere, a kitten just shot itself