Scott Raab talks about LeBron’s MVP, Questlove, Tribe winning streak and cheap hotels – WFNY Podcast – 2013-05-06

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I was a bit tired this morning and you’ll just love how I sputter out at the end with an awkward laughing at myself moment. Really though, a very nice conversation this morning about sports and culture and Questlove, who Scott spoke with for the most recent issue of Esquire.

  • Scott Raab talking to Questlove

  • People who work hard vs. people want you to think he works hard

  • Behind the Q&A with Questlove

  • Questlove and D’Angelo’s last minute show

  • The Roots in Philly

  • LeBron’s MVP and just how far away it is from a Cleveland storyline

  • LeBron not winning his 5th MVP because of The Decision

  • LeBron is even better today than he was

  • The burned jersey and how it represents us

  • Reactions and whether you should feel badly about it

  • San Diego and just how perfect it is

  • Developing the lakefront in Cleveland

  • The Cleveland region

  • The Indians winning streak

  • Chief Wahoo

  • Terry Francona and faith in coaching for the first time since Charlie Manuel

  • Charlie Manuel as one of the greatest hitters ever

  • Omar Vizquel’s hitting improvements under Charlie Manuel

  • Cheap hotels in the Poconos

  • The wonder of travel

  • The wonders of modern technology and how lucky we are to live in the future

  • Profiling Dan Patrick for Esquire


  • bobby

    Burke Lakefront Airport is built on unstable toxic sludge. It cannot support buliding’s more complex than 2-3 story stick built without digging down to bedrock. Through the toxic sludge and what used to be the lake bottom. And then you are starting at the same level as edgwater marina that was destroyed by Sandy. That stuff just washes over a landing strip, it can/will destroy anything built on the surface.

    literally. It was a garbage dump. it was where they dumped the dredgings from the cuyahoga river in the 60’s and 70’s, you know when the river was so toxic it would catch fire.

    in addition to that it is separated from Cleveland by a 6-8 lane divided highway and some of the busiest train tracks in the country only crossed at 3 points W 3rd E 9th and E 55th.

    And that is before you have to pay back every nickel the FAA ever gave you to shut the place down.

    Cleveland had no “lakefront” our shoreline was a 3 story bluff except at the river mouth.

    All of the lakefront we have is landfill, like edgewater, where the browns stadium is, that is the excavated earth from the Terminal Tower.

    Start with downgrading the west shore way to a boulevard so the near west side can access Edgewater and open up the edges of the new blvd for development.

    then develop the east side bluffs.

    Then put the next stadium where the last one should have gone…the old conrail yards on the other side of the highway from gateway and develop that land, which while still landfill at least it isn’t toxic.

    Then maybe we can start talking about burke

    I know it “looks” easy because you drive by it and see it….but it is anything but, Even in this politically gridlocked town, Ratner, or Jacobs would have done something with it if there was a nickle to be made doing it.

    Similar issue with Scranton Peninsula the cleanup to be done after 200 years of heavy industry AND it is in a flood plain. Good luck getting a mortgage or insurance.

    Sorry….the whole “just develop burke” thing sticks in my craw.

  • Craig Lyndall

    You seem to know more than I do. I always leave room for that possibility in everything I do. Thanks for the comment and listening to the pod.

  • bobby

    No worries…do this the next time you are driving by.

    Forget the FAA, forget the stability issues, forget the toxicity.

    Look the other way.

    How do you get from here to there? over the highway, over the train tracks up the 3 story bluff. Through commercial, heavy industrial areas lining the top of the bluff. Heck good luck doing anything within 1/2 a mile of the fortress of the FBI Building.

    Burke sits roughly 1/2 way between this

    “The 88-acre Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve, commonly known as Dike
    14, provides 1.2 miles of manmade shore access. It is adjacent to Gordon
    Park and accessed from the northern terminus of Martin Luther King, Jr.

    And Edgewater.

    Once that place is overrun with people, or you see more than a couple of hundred at edgewater for a non special event, Or Whiskey Island is full….we can talk about more lake front parkland.

    Once the city of Cleveland stops turning neighborhoods into farmland and isn’t 1/2 a dense as lakewood (CLE- 5000 ppl/sq mile, LKWD- 10000) we can discuss turning a functioning airport into Residental.

    Once the fortune 1000 companies stop fleeing to other states/countries/counties for greener pastures or just cease to exist we can discuss turning it into commercial.

    what we need to do is increase access and safety to the places we already have.

    We already have the same area as Burke dedicated to recreational activities within a couple miles in either direction.

    Chicago’s lakefront attractions are perceived to be safe, clean, and accessible.

    Cleveland’s are not.

    Hopefully the Metroparks taking over will improve safety and upkeep.

    Hopefully the new sewer projects will keep raw sewage from dumping into the beach every time it rains.

    Hopefully the West shoreway reconfiguration will make it easier for people downtown, OC, Detroit Shorway, Cuddell, Stockyard neighborhoods have easier access.

    Or you can buy me a beer and I will tell you what i really think 😉

  • bobby

    And I really enjoy the podcasts. thank you for the hard work