While We’re Waiting… Disappointing Indians weekend

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“Look guys, I got nothing. I’m as upset as you all are at what transpired this weekend. After winning the first game, dropping the last three, especially the last two, and even more especially on Sunday, times a thousand multiplied by infinity, I’m disappointed. Times a thousand multiplied by infinity and all I can say is I’m disappointed? Yeah I guess so. I’ve had time to cool off and I also realize that it’s just two games of the 162.” [Nino Colla/The Tribe Daily]

“Vinnie Pestano often tells his followers on Twitter, “If you’re scared, get a dog.” Hopefully Pestano and his back-end bullpen mate, Chris Perez, will heed some advice: If you’re hurt, see a doctor. After the last two days’ performances, many find themselves scared enough to create a scene from “101 Dalmatians.” On Saturday, Pestano entered the eighth inning staked to a one-run lead and allowed four runs, four hits and two walks. His velocity was down and his control was not normal. He threw only 17 strikes in 31 pitches.” [Mike Brandyberry/Did The Tribe Win Last Night?]

“The Indians season is officially at the crossroads. Chris Perez, already under fire by fans and media alike for subpar outings this season, appeared to have suffered some sort of arm injury during another disastrous outing that eventually lead to Joe Smith surrendering Jacoby Ellsbury’s walkoff double. The Red Sox would escape with a 6-5 win. The Red Sox won the season series, 6-1. I don’t think Terry Francona envisioned that.” [Chris Burnham/It’s Pronounced “Lajaway”]

“Player A is Rashad McCants, the 14th pick in the 2005 draft. Player B is Wayne Ellington, the 29th pick in the 2009 draft. Without knowing who they were , if I just looked at the age, measurements, and stats for McCants versus McLemore…I would pick McCants. Of course, he was also a head-case. While Ellington’s measurements and stats are simlar, he falls right below McLemore across the board. What does it all mean? Do I think McLemore will be better than Ellington and McCants? Yes. Do I think McLemore will provide great value as a top-three pick? No. My inclination is that he is a very good complimentary player in the NBA.” [Kevin Hetrick/Cavs: The Blog]

“There have been many, many Cleveland Cavaliers fans that spent the NCAA basketball season falling in love with Otto Porter of Georgetown. It makes sense. He is a smart and young player that showed tremendous improvement from his freshman to sophomore season, particularly in his three point shooting, has great length, can pass, and doesn’t need the ball in his hands to be effective. Given the Cavaliers woes at small forward, Porter seemed like he would be a perfect fit for a team likely picking between three and eight in the lottery. Well, we all know now that the Cavaliers won the lottery and now have the ability to Nerlens Noel, another player who fits a position of need and likely has a lot more upside. But if the Cavaliers don’t draft Porter, who will start at small forward next season? While people have spent time denigrating the 2013 free agent class, there are some pretty good options.” [David Zavac/Fear The Sword]

“Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s debt from the NBA has been paid in full. He lost LeBron James in perhaps the most highly publicized free agent departure in sports history three years ago, and in return he has received two No. 1 overall draft picks. The first resulted in Kyrie Irving two years ago, and now the second could bring another franchise-caliber player to Cleveland. The Cavaliers are primed to return as an Eastern Conference power with the right decisions. The first, under former/new coach Mike Brown, is who to select first overall June 27.” [Gary Washburn/Boston Globe]

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