2013 NBA Draft – All you need to know about the Cavs from Joe Kotoch – WFNY Podcast – 2013-06-25

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WFNY Podcast LogoI was very happy to be able to get Joe Kotoch to join me a few days before the NBA draft. You should know Kotoch from his website ProBasketballDraft.com and also his work at SheridanHoops.com and his twitter account @probballdraft.

  • Joe Kotoch and where he came from
  • Sports law and agency work
  • ProBasketballDraft.com and their mission
  • NBA fans getting better at looking at the draft analytically instead of emotionally
  • Chris Grant and his ability to keep his secrets this year
  • Teams typically don’t play games with the first pick
  • The Cavaliers want to trade the pick, but they can’t get anyone to pay their price
  • Should the Cavaliers be keeping the price this high?
  • Can the Cavs get LaMarcus Aldridge?
  • Can the Cavs get Shawn Marion or Paul Pierce?
  • The CBA, salary cap and luxury tax
  • The Miami Heat and their incentive to trade Chris Bosh
  • Kevin Durant and the agency switch?
  • Jay-Z, Rich Paul and CAA
  • Does Kevin Durant’s place in OKC seem in doubt now?
  • What do rookies choose when they pick agents coming out of college?
  • What was behind all the negativity surrounding Nerlens Noel?
  • College players and their winking side deals
  • How scary is the representation to a guy like Chris Grant?
  • Do the Cavs think they should be further along in their own development?
  • The Cavaliers keeping Jamahl Mosely who developed Tristan Thompson
  • Can the Cavaliers count on Anderson Varejao?
  • Would anything in this draft shock you three years from now?
  • The Cavaliers and 2014

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  • Harv 21

    Finally, an expert who agrees with me that Grant knows the pieces he accumulates Thursday and the number of wins this season may determine whether he gets another contract, and that can impact which way he goes as far as being willing to go long-term upside v. immediate contributions.

  • https://twitter.com/jimkanicki jimkanicki

    is he an expert? or is he a charlatan?

    put it this way: he told craig how he was in law school then got into the agent game. welp, here’s a sample of his writing. you’re a connoisseur of writing, harv, doesnt it make you wonder what law school he got into but didn’t graduate from? me too. it’s the thomas cooley law school with campuses across michigan and tampa .

    what about his agency? welp, you go to triton sports webpage and it’s unclear whether they’ve ever negotiated a contract for an NBA player… and the facebook page isn’t any more help.

    don’t know who this guy is… but not sure expert is the right descriptor.

  • BenRM

    In fairness, I have known a few (literally two) good attorneys who graduated from Cooley. I’m sure there are others.

    As I understand, it is actually on the more difficult side of things once you get in, because they are always looking for ways to kick you out but keep your money.

  • Harv 21

    Jim, Jim, why these attacks on the dude? Don’t understand your point, whether it’s:

    – ranking of law school affects his draft expertise.
    – history of player repping affects his draft expertise.
    – writing ability affects his draft expertise.
    – refuting my point is accomplished by dissing someone who agrees with me.

    By “expert,” didn’t mean those we all can agree have superior knowledge and experience and success in the NBA draft – Auerbach, Jerry West and that ilk. I listened to the podcast, and he sounded like a smart guy who works hard on this, much harder than dilettantes like me. It gave me comfort, Jim, that my instints are sometimes true. Don’t deny me my small comforts, Jim.