While We’re Waiting… Tribe wins, previewing the Browns D-line and a look at a new Buckeye

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You can’t help but smile at Hart and Baerga being in the building. “On a night when the Indians inducted two prominent members of the team’s glory years in the ’90′s into the Indians Hall of Fame, former second-baseman Carlos Baerga and former general-manager John Hart may have felt as if they took a trip back in time. Like many games in their tenures here, the offense bailed out the pitching, and such was the case tonight.

In a game that felt like it should’ve been a lot more comfortable than it ultimately was, the Indians prevailed in a win that was gifted to them by Twins starter PJ Walters (.2 INN/6 ER/1 H/5 BB). In an inning that lasted almost an hour total and Walters throwing forty-six pitches, almost everyone figured that this would be a cakewalk (I amuse myself) for the Tribe. There were so many Indians baserunners in the first that Walters probably felt like he was being subjected to a Tribal Conga line.

Unfortunately, the Indians weren’t much better. Corey Kluber was nowhere near as sharp as he was during his previous two starts, as he labored through his outing (5.2 INN/3 ER/4 SO/1 BB). The bullpen also struggled again as Nick Hagadone, Brian Shaw and Vinnie Pestano all had bumpy appearances. Who woulda thunk that it would be Rich Hill who would be the one who saved the Indians bacon on a night when virtually no one on the pitching staff was a sure thing?

Since this was Carlo Baerga induction night, Jason Kipnis put on quite a show in front of the man who once manned the second-base bag long before we all became Kipnises. He came up a homer short of the cycle as continues his white-hot stretch.” [Chris Burnham/It’s Pronounced “Lajaway”]

A look at future Buckeye safety Vonn Bell. “The reason Bell elicits so many emotions is because he is one of the top playmaking safeties in the country, and I find it hard to believe he’ll be on the sidelines very long once the season starts. He is smart, a good tackler, and seems equally adept in both run support and defending the pass. He moves his hips well, his backpedal is as fundamentally sound as I’ve seen, and he doesn’t waste motion or time in closing to the ball. When matched up against the best high school talent in the country, Bell stood out, and he seems like he is going to be the Next Big Thing in the Ohio State secondary

Seriously, this kid is the real deal, and I can’t wait to see him take the field.” [Ted Glover/Land Grant Holy Land]

A Cleveland sports fan took the Miami Heat win pretty hard. “I’m going to be completely honest with all of you here for a few minutes….what you’re going to get in this post is raw emotion. My raw emotion. The untapped nerve of a Cleveland sports fan who has, to put it as bluntly and clearly as possible, just realized that everyone else is right, and that I’m wrong, and that sports in Cleveland are a waste of everybody’s goddamn time – as currently constituted.

Sports…..Cleveland sports I mean….are a little less fun today. No, I’m lying….actually, they’re a lot less fun today. All of them. The Indians play a game this evening at 7:05…and for some reason, I don’t care. I don’t care if they win or lose at baseball tonight, or even if they forfeit the stupid game and never play it at all. I’m numb to it right now. And to be honest, they’d probably just lose anyway.” [Dan Zeleski/More Than a Fan].

A look at the Browns defensive line. “In Phil Taylor’s rookie season, he played all 16 games as a defensive tackle. Before training camp last year, Phil Taylor suffered a pectoral injury. At first, it seemed devastating to think that Taylor’s second-year development would be hindered. He was able to recover though and was re-inserted into the starting lineup about mid-way through the season.

Although his reps were a tad limited, getting back into the action will certainly benefit him in year three. If he hadn’t played at all, there would certainly be questions about his health heading into 2013.

Taylor definitely isn’t afraid to get under the skin of the opposition or play completely through (and after) the play. The Steelers may still have retaliation on their mind from what he did to one of their offensive lineman a year ago. I think fans are generally accepting of Taylor’s on-the-field attitude because it gives the defense a bit of an edge. What fans don’t like to see is the type of thing that might alienate him from some fans. Taylor seems like the type of guy who doesn’t care what many others think of him, though, so we’re just going to have to live with it.” [Chris Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature].

I lol’d at “harnessed the power of the First Amendment” line. “Normally, this would not be worthy of note. People can’t have a BM these days without taking their smartphones into the can to record the evidence. However, what happens whenCleveland athletes with no connections to Miami, LeBron or the Heat start bigging up the newly crowned champions? How would this go over in a town that has not celebrated a major sports championship in half a century?

Not well, friends and neighbors. Not well. Suspended Browns’ wideout Josh Gordon found this out Thursday night when he harnessed the power of the First Amendment to share this almost-a-sentence gem:”[Doug/Cleveland Sports Torture]
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    Baerga was my guy from the Indians of the 1990s in fact I still have my multiple jerseys emblazened with #9 Baerga!