MLB All-Star game, Fixing baseball, future of football and more – WFNY Podcast – 2013-07-18

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WFNY Podcast LogoAlways good to catch up with Jon. He had a night available and I was starting my vacation, so I had to log in and fire up the notebook to do it. It was a typical meandering podcast.

  • Being a creature of habit and a bit of a completist
  • The summer movie podcast and whether it would have continued
  • The Lone Ranger and how quickly I would have wanted to turn it off
  • The All-Star game and the Mariano Rivera entrance
  • Neil Diamond was bad but it didn’t matter. He’s Neil Diamond.
  • The All-Star game could be missing the star power
  • Interleague play and how it changes the All-Star game
  • Access to players on TV has ruined the spectacle of the All-Star game
  • Start times aren’t the target. Game ending times are the target.
  • Who is the star of MLB?
  • Omar Vizquel being the best means something because I say it
  • Slow pitch softball on TV
  • Baseball vs. Soccer as a game for kids
  • Socioeconomics and football. Will privileged kids play football forever?
  • The future of football and what it just might be
  • Front offices and how they aren’t really connected to the history of their teams
  • Salary caps and where they are good and bad
  • Parity in baseball
  • Bud Selig and how the history books will look back on him
  • What are the chances that Mark Shapiro could be the next commissioner of baseball?
  • Indians trade deadline piece by Jon