NBA News: Cavs on Oden’s short list

A source close to Greg Oden has told that the Cavaliers are one of five teams the former number one pick is considering signing with this summer. Along with the Cavaliers, Oden is expected to choose from a list of teams that include the Miami Heat, Memphis Grizzlies, Boston Celtics, and San Antonio Spurs .

Additionally, a source close to Oden has told ESPN’s J.A. Adande that San Antonio and Cleveland “appear to be the best fit” for the 25-year-old center.

This isn’t the first time the Cavs and Oden have been linked together as the Oden rumors started flying back in January. Then, in March, Oden was in attendance at The Q to watch his former high school and Buckeye teammate, Mike Conley, as the Cavs hosted the Grizzlies.

Oden, currently a resident of Columbus, received a large round of applause from the Cleveland crowd as his face was shown on the jumbo-tron multiple times throughout the game.

“I live in Ohio. It’s home now,” Oden said following the game. “They have a great organization and I really do think they’re up and coming.”

Coming into the off-season center was a big need for the Cavaliers, but after passing on opportunities to add prospects Nerlens Noel and Alex Len in last week’s draft the need is still there.

Although Oden’s camp expects him to be ready for the 2013-14 season, he hasn’t played a game since since December 5, 2009 and underwent a third microfracture surgery on his knee in February of 2012. He won’t be someone a team can count on to step in and start at center, but could be a great low risk, high reward signing for whoever he ends up with.

The Cavs are also reported to have “strong interest” in Minnesota center and restricted free agent Nikola Pekovic are said to be “kicking the tires” on free agent Andrew Bynum. If Houston ends up landing the services of Dwight Howard, the Rocket’s Omer Asik could be another possible name on the list of the Cavaliers’ hunt for a big man.

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  • Natedawg86

    Well, SA and MIA were finals teams, and Memphis is very competitive, BOS is going downhill and CLE uphill. Sign with Cavs for 1-2M? Wouldn’t mind rolling the dice on this one.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    For one year (maybe two if the second year is a team option) I’d be OK with it.

  • TSR3000

    Two words: Max Contract.

  • JHop

    It all depends on what Oden is looking for in terms of personal validation. If that means simply getting a ring no matter what (regardless of playing time), then SA and MIA are his best bet. If it means showing he can be a starter in this league and put up good stats, then CLE or BOS should be his destination.

    You’d like to think that a guy who hasn’t played in the NBA in several years wouldn’t want to come back and sit on the bench most of every game behind incumbent starters in MIA and SA, but you never know.

  • JHop

    This just in: Cleveland Cavaliers sign both Andrew Bynum and Greg Oden to max contracts, city of Cleveland proceeds to fall into Lake Erie, never to be heard from again.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’m torn is this a good thing?

  • Nate

    low risk, high reward. He can’t be demanding much money, if nothing else he should be able to play a few minutes a half. Don’t any reason not to do it. Bynum is another story, just ask Philly. He’ll want a ton of money still. No thanks.

  • Natedawg86

    I don’t think he is expecting or would want to get locked up long term. Play a year or two, show you are a stud, then you will be shown the $$$

  • Harv 21

    Whatever Ryan Hollins made, triple it. Even if he has a 82nd microfracture surgery in August and never dresses for a game I’ll feel better about this sort of risk-taking than the type that hopes a stiff may unstiffen just a little.

  • EZ

    Oden’s short list is his list of games played.

  • Getting my Zen on

    I’d watch them. If healthy, that could potentially be the best center rotation ever.

  • Jaker

    Get it done. The payoff could be enormous and it’s obvious that he is interested. I think that there’s no way he will sign with Boston or Memphis, and as long as we offer as much as the other two, I think we have the best shot.

    This would be the type of move that if it works, will win Grant the Exec of the Year. Work it Grant!

  • Jason Hurley

    Or the most broken.