While We’re Waiting… Athletes are people too

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While We’re Waiting is the daily morning link roundup that WFNY has been serving up for breakfast for the last several years. We hope you enjoy the following recent collection of yummy and nutritious Cleveland sports-related articles. Anything else to add? Email us at tips@waitingfornextyear.com.

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“I recently lost a friend. She passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday. I visited her in the hospital on Monday where she appeared to be on the mend and on her way home. The ailment was a blood clot in her lung which presumably traveled into her heart and killed her. Her body betrayed her in the worst way possible.

It has taken a few days for me to gather my thoughts. Moments being left alone almost certainly meant that I was going to start tearing up. My perspective was doing crazy things after she passed. The big takeaway that I have from this personal tragedy is that we do not know how long we have on this earth. We should aim to treat people with more respect and show more patience towards others. I began to think about how strange it is to perish in this manner after enough time passed that I could form coherent thoughts. I couldn’t help but think of people I know who have had blood clots who survived. There was one other acquaintance who developed them and managed to not have any long-term effects. Other than that, I couldn’t think of anybody.

And then I remembered Anderson Varejao.” [Fear the Sword]


If you missed it last night, Justin Masterson was interviewed during the game. He was bombarded with sunflower seeds and water. [Deadspin]


“Only a few days ago, GM Chris Antonetti addressed the rotation when asked if the recent performance of the group has decreased the need to potentially find an upgrade before Wednesday’s Trade Deadline.

“To some extent,” Antonetti said. “One of the things you always have to factor in when you make a trade is: Who do you displace? Who’s position on the team does the player that you acquire, who’s spot does he take? I think when you look at the rotation, those guys have done a good job over the course of the last four or five weeks.

“So the question of which of those guys would come out of the rotation, if we acquired a starter, is not an easy question to answer.” It’s not hard to understand Antonetti’s point.” [Major League Bastian]


Oops. “Twitter CEO, a Michigan Booster, Commits NCAA Violation on Twitter” [Eleven Warriors]


Awesome idea. Adrian Peterson helmet cam at training camp. Thanks @DonDelcoOBR. [Youtube]

  • mgbode

    on Andy, in the beautifully written article it is mentioned how some refer to his trade value being “spoiled” from this injuries including this recent life-threatening blood clot. honestly, I am a bit happy about it being “spoiled” because I love watching him play and it’s fun to have him as a Cavalier.

  • Ezzie Goldish

    That Peterson helmet cam is amazing.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I love me some AP!