Brian Spaeth on the PD layoffs, 2 Guns, Indians attendance, The Wolverine and much more – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-08

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WFNY Podcast LogoBrian and I talked about a lot of things today other than the movies. Check out Brian on Twitter @brianspaeth or at his website

  • The Plain Dealer laying off employees
  • cutting delivery dates
  • the future of the newspaper business
  • 2 Guns movie review
  • Is Mark Wahlberg somehow underrated?
  • Brian Spaeth takes a bathroom break
  • The Indians attendance issue and how contentious it is on twitter
  • NBA Twitter vs. NFL Twitter vs. MLB twitter
  • The Wolverine and whether it needed to be made or not
  • Michael Bay movies
  • Should Darren Aranofsky have stayed on Wolverine?
  • Craig is lazy about putting plugs in his show notes
  • He shouldn’t be so lazy with his show notes

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  • Steve

    If Brian has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to baseball, why even bring it up?

  • Scott @ WFNY

    Love the media discussion. The PD (or whatever they call themselves now) would be wise to hire Brian as a consultant. It’s too bad he’d also probably get bored with it after a few weeks.

  • Brian

    upvote or whatever on this haha

  • Brian

    I don’t remember how it came up, but I think the opinions of people who aren’t following baseball on a daily basis could be of value. (Not speaking particularly of myself, but in general.)

    The Indians are obviously getting passed over by the casual fan like myself. Some insight into why could be of value.

  • Craig Lyndall

    I would bring up metallurgy with Brian just to see what he might say about it.