Casual Friday with Denny talking about babies! – WFNY Podcast – 2013-08-23

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WFNY Podcast LogoWe’ve debated having this podcast for a while, and finally decided to do it even though we normally talk about grilling and booze and running. Denny opens up about becoming a dad soon and we talk about all the important things like naming your kid, accumulating the right stuff, over-thinking things and trying not to be overwhelmed and scared of other stuff.

  • The kid podcast with Denny
  • Finding out what you are having before the birth
  • Keeping secrets and having girls
  • Rooting for boys or girls?
  • Ultrasound tech telling jokes
  • Ultrasound pics on facebook
  • Taking classes for child birthing
  • Putting yourself on the birthing spectrum of prepared and unprepared
  • Infant CPR and forcing grandparents to go take that class
  • Being ready to have a kid in the house
  • The process of getting used to the kid being around
  • The wife gets to be project lead when it comes to baby time
  • Denny working hard to not make jokes
  • The baby registry and being very careful
  • Finding out Denny’s wife was pregnant before the Big Sur marathon
  • Pregnant wives make great designated drivers
  • Doing homework on kids stuff
  • Avoiding “stroller porn” and buying stuff on Craigslist
  • Picking out a daycare
  • Trying to describe the moments directly after your baby is born
  • Putting baby furniture together and the larger purpose
  • Naming the baby and the various processes
  • Naming your kid after Twilight
  • Having the kid fit the name you give them
  • Worrying about life choices for way too long when they don’t matter
  • Denny choosing cloth diapers

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  • swig

    Denny, you suck and your kid is going to suck.


    +1 for truth.

  • Denny

    A+ comment would read again.

  • swig

    I never would have imagined I’d enjoy listening to a podcast about babies. Either you guys are good or I’m getting old.

  • Denny

    These things are not mutually exclusive, swiggles.