NFL News: Browns waive punter T.J. Conley

The Cleveland Browns today waived punter T.J. Conley. That leaves Spencer Lanning as the only punter on the roster.

In two preseason games, Lanning has punted eight times and averages 45.8 yards per punt. His longest kick so far is 55 yards, and he has had three punts downed inside the 20 yard line.

Conley punted twice, averaging 40 yards per punt.

Assuming the Browns do not bring in any additional players to try out, the Browns will roll with Lanning as the team punter.

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  • Natedawg86

    OK. Where is his combine stats? lol
    Interesting background. He also played kicker during his final two collegiate seasons, connecting on 34 of 44 field goal attempts and 80 of 84 extra points for South Carolina.

  • Sh00ter

    Great stats, Natedawg.

  • Natedawg86

    Would be awesome if we could have a K/P and free up a roster spot, but if he got hurt we would be screwed

  • Vindictive_Pat

    A nice luxury to have as sometimes you see kickers get hurt in the middle of the game and so the team is either forced to always go for it on 4th down in field goal range, or else try their punter as the kicker.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    So basically Lanning is Brad Maynard part deux? At least I hope he’s as effective at pinning inside the 20 throughout the season.

  • Natedawg86

    we got him for cheap too since he has bounced around from a few teams. I personally think punters are huge though if they can stick a punt inside the ten when needed. Changes the whole offensive series

  • Natedawg86

    we were ranked 31st in average last year, but 29 of the 90 were inside 20 with only 4 tb

  • Vindictive_Pat

    That’s the more important stat to me… I’d rather have a punter who consistently pins opponents behind the 10-yard-line than a punter who can consistently kick it 60 yards. It’s harder to move the ball near the endzone than it is in the middle of the field.

  • Natedawg86

    That and getting it up in the air or on a spot on the field where your coverage can minimize the return. With a good punt returner, i would have the guy punt the ball 38-40 yards out of bounds. If you are punting 45 years to him, he is gonna get 5+ yards on your anyway