Peter King: “I was just as wrong for jumping on Kosar”

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King has admitted that he was in the wrong for recent comments which were directed at Cleveland Browns color analyst Bernie Kosar. In his latest mailbag piece at SI’s Monday Morning Quarterback, King, who recently stood by his thoughts on Kosar and his choice words in regard to players on the St. Louis Rams, says that he was wrong for the tweets sent out late Saturday night which accused the former Browns quarterback of drinking on the job, commetns which King says was in jest.

“The more I started thinking I was just as wrong for jumping on Kosar with a bad joke,” writes King. “No excuses. I could have been critical of Kosar without being crass. Altogether my fault.”

On Thursday night, as the Browns were taking on the Rams in a preseason contest, Kosar, after a full night of intricate analysis of play-to-play defenses, referred to the Rams’ wide receiving corps as “horrible,” as well as a joke surrounding the Pope. These comments drew the ire of St. Louis head coach Jeff Fisher and, later, King. Ultimately, the comments perpetuated by King led to a firestorm on Twitter as the widely followed and highly respected King was accused of a variety of items including cronyism (he and Fisher share an agent; the agent, Marvin Demoff, is the father of Rams COO Kevin) and unprofessionalism.

“In the old days, pre-social media, I’d likely have forgotten about it,” writes King. “You didn’t let me. It’s good that we have our readers/followers/listeners to remind us that we ultimately are reporting and opining for them.”

King concluded his thoughts by defending his relationship with the Rams, stating that he has yet to discuss Kosar’s comments with Fisher.

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  • bobby

    It isn’t just King and Jeff Crybaby Fisher sharing an agent. The agent’s son is a VP of the rams.

    King also spent the draft in the Ram’s war room. Beyond a little cozy don’t you think?

    And the statement that he hasn’t talked to fisher??? I notice that no one asked and he didn’t say if he discussed it with his agent, or his and Fishers agent’s son…you know the VP of the rams?

  • MrCleaveland

    Kudo to King for doing the right thing.

  • bobby

    Here is an interesting article about fisher going to the rams that spells out the relationship.,209788,209788#msg-209788

    So fisher’s agent’s (Marvin Demoff) son (Kevin Demoff) is the executive vice president of football operations and chief operations officer of the St. Louis Rams

    This article is Peter King squashing the idea that the agent/son combo had any influence in fisher picking the rams over the dolphins…

    Of course he has the same agent, what do you think he is going to say? This tool isn’t a journalist, he is a PR hack with occasional accidental journalism.

    No wonder he spends most of his time talking about coffee, beer, and waiting in line at airports. Those areas he has some credibility in

    All these people are in bed together.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Yea his “followers” I mean “conscience” finally got to him!

  • EdgewaterJoe

    Over and done with. On to the Lions!

  • DylonW


  • maxfnmloans

    The Great Lakes Classic!

  • Hopwin

    Didn’t we lose the trophy 3-4 years ago? Oh, lose as in misplace.

  • deebo

    Aooooooga! Aoooooga! GLC! Bring home the barge!

  • Kevin B

    Totally agree. Also, Kosar’s full answer was, “I would be embarrassed. I’ve been pretty hard on their receivers.” Kosar was talking about his own embarrassment, not the parents’.

  • Natedawg86


  • Mat Kovach

    King really missed the point. One of the problems many football players will have later in their life (due to head injuries) will be very much like Kosar’s. Speech issues, emotional issues, balance issues, etc. If fact quite a few people that have had brain injuries suffer with those.

    For King to make issue comments and Kosar’s history known is pretty darn offensive and beyond anything that they *think* Kosar said. (I still don’t believe King has listen to the comments). I have had a family member that had brain surgery a couple of times. There has been times when they were refused to be seated at a restaurant for “being drunk”; I’m assuming Peter King would have a good belly laugh at that.

  • Tron

    OMG Malley’s get on that PRONTO!

  • nj0

    long national nightmare is over

  • Harv 21

    well, if you’re saying the lame jokes and nasty parent comment can be attributed to brain damage, it begs the question of whether Bernie should be second man in the booth and forced to fill time in a meaningless exhibition game. That’s a legit concern.

    Bernie would really excel as a guy with a post-game program where he just breaks down film to show what happened and why. Much the way Rick at WFNY does, only with video. That’s Bernie’s sweet spot.

  • nj0

    Bernie should never really be in front of the camera.

  • maxfnmloans

    it’d actually be worth something then

  • The_Real_Shamrock


  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Now I see why nobody wants to win that thing it’s the Edmund Fitzgerald. How fitting.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Wait did you just say Rick at WFNY makes lame jokes and has brain damage?

  • Pim Scutney

    I loved how Jim Donovan alluded to this whole fiasco last night on the Training Camp Daily. He introduced Dieken as his partner on the Browns’ radio network, and then said something like, “Oh, to be back on the Browns radio network . . . ” and just left it at that.

  • Mat Kovach

    I still have no idea what this parental insult was, the best I can find in a recall was something like:

    Donovon, after a Rams player dropped a pass:

    “What if some of the parents are watching”

    Kosar replied: “*I* would be embarrassed, I have been pretty hard on them”

    When I heard that, I thought Kosar was talking about *himself*, i.e.: Kosar would be embarrassed because he has been very critical of the receivers.

    I don’t recall nor have I see any “nasty parental comment”, unless I am missing something.

    Also, all the discussions involved Donovon (who I believe also started the religious converstaion and, once again if I recall correctly, a Rams receiver dropped the ball during that conversation and Kosar said, “forgive me father for I have sinned” in reference to the drop.

    This whole blow up was because Kosar was, during the entire game, calling out the Rams terrible receivers and playing along with Jim Donovan’s lame jokes. The Rams simply removed the context, blasted Kosar and then got Peter King involved.

    Found part of a transcript, this is something the Rams are complaining about:

    Bernie Kosar: “Again, nice job by Bradford standing in there. I really think that he didn’t overthrow him, and that Austin has to make that catch in the NFL. And I see why Sam’s been struggling watching how bad these receivers are for him. Those are two outstanding throws, those last two.”

    That is a comment that the Rams refer to as “over the top”. I have still YET to see something over the top from Kosar.

  • Ben Frambaugh

    I’m tempted to make a few extra accounts just so that I can uptick this a few more tiems.

  • Harv 21

    if that’s what he meant (and if he did, I would have assumed he told that to Banner, whose statement would have mentioned he was being misinterpreted) then you’re right. Not how I heard his tone and context during the telecast, but whatevs.

    And now I shall stop participating in anything that gives the Zapruder film treatment to Bernie Kosar exhibition game statements.

  • Mark Stevens

    OMG: you have uncovered the conspiracy of the decade—guys in sports who share an agent and all sorts of revelations. Can you please clear up the JFK assassination for us?