While We’re Waiting… Excuses, excuses

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While We’re Waiting is the daily morning link roundup that WFNY has been serving up for breakfast for the last several years. We hope you enjoy the following recent collection of yummy and nutritious Cleveland sports-related articles. Anything else to add? Email us at tips@waitingfornextyear.com.

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Awesome. Vince interviews Terry Pluto.  “Shawn Kemp was late for a flight back in his Cleveland days, as he often was. He was beginning to run out of excuses. The one he gave the Cavs this time was, “My dog fell asleep in front of my car and I had to wait until he woke up.” [Grzegorek/Scene]


“This is a team that’s been awfully difficult to explain. A team that can go into the funkiest of funks yet come out better for it. A team that has received nowhere near the return expected out of this ownership’s unexpectedly (and unprecedentedly) aggressive offseason investment yet carries on all the same.

It’s a strange team, but baseball’s a strange game. Four years ago next week, Jose Veras was designated for assignment by the Indians. He had to go, because the Tribe had to make room for… Jess Todd. Four years later, Veras, fresh off a successful stint as closer on a bad Astros team, is lauded as a prized acquisition for the Tigers, who will use him as their seventh-inning guy.

On Tuesday, the Indians responded not by acquiring the top-end starter they might have coveted (and might very well need) or even by landing a veteran LOOGY with a desirable 2013 track record.” [Castrovince/MLB.com]


“Furthermore, the defensive efficiency metrics appear to be highly correlated with overall success – much more so than for the offensive efficiency metrics. Alabama and Notre Dame are the top two overall teams according to both opponent yards per play and opponent points per play.

The Buckeyes’ defensive efficiency was steady under much of Tressel’s tenure, then dropped suddenly with his departure in 2011. While coaching and scheme changes are partly to blame, it’s hard for me to ignore the impact of losing great linebackers as well. Better linebacker (and Star) play will be crucial in 2013 for covering slot receivers, providing additional pressure on quarterbacks, and thwarting the run game.” [Peltier/Eleven Warriors]


“There’s an argument to be made that Urban Meyer didn’t do the right thing Tuesday night when he suspended tailback Carlos Hyde for at least three games. There’s an argument to be made that Meyer was a bit … harsh.

Any idea how much I love that? Any idea how wonderful it is to watch any coach, and especially this coach, err on the side of being too tough with the tough love?” [Doyel/CBS Sports]


Finally, a video with Marshall Faulk who thinks Trent Richardson could be something special. [Ohio.com]

  • mgbode

    It is August, and the Indians are the leaders for a playoff spot:

    yesterday’s win put us 0.5 games up on Baltimore & Texas for the 2nd wild card

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I saw this response to my other comment in the last night’s recap and yea it’s August and yea the Indians might be todays leader for a playoff spot but the FO blew an opportunity which is the norm and not the exception as far as I’m concerned. Time will tell…I hope I’m wrong.

  • mgbode

    what opportunity? it was a pure seller’s market. which guy that was moved was definitively better than we have that you wanted and traded at an acceptable price?

    there may have been moves to be made and some of the smaller moves may end up making the biggest dividends. It was just a pretty quiet deadline and I’m not sure how many people got significantly better.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I don’t care to debate something neither of us has any idea about because seven years from now we could hear that we were a couple of hours from getting Randy Johnson.

    In the end they made no moves. You might think this team is completely set from SP to bullpen to the lineup but I don’t. Obviously the FO agreed more with you then me so lets see what happens. Lets see if Chris we just need to play better Antontetti is rewarded. If so everyone wins.

    You and others keep misconstruing the idea of making a trade as “significant” or “mind blowing” or “orgasmic” when in fact a smaller type deal can have a great impact. They were talking about how the Giants got Cody Ross in the waiver trade a few years ago. SF didn’t want him they just wanted to block him from another team. They ended up with him and he was a stud in the playoffs. This isn’t an example of a trade I’m talking about but rather how a lesser known player who wasn’t a headliner can help make a difference.