April 19, 2014

NFL News: Browns keep same jersey refund policy post-Trent Richardson trade

After Wednesday’s shocking Trent Richardson trade, many — notably anchored by Grantland’s Bill Barnwell — have called for the Cleveland Browns to offer an all-encompassing jersey refund program for fans in the area.

As of now, that won’t be the case. The Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot reports this evening that the Browns will maintain their usual 30-day policy for all merchandise and jersey refunds and exchanges. According to a team spokesman, there are no modifications to that policy planned at this time.

We’ll see if the Browns front office does ever decide to be a bit more lenient here. Of course, it was just 18 months ago that Richardson was billed at the face of the franchise after being taken No. 3 overall.

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  • Kiddicus

    I own one Browns jersey, Kosar, one Indians jersey, Boudreau, and one Cavs jersey, Price.

    In this era, loyalty is nonexistent. From management or the players, anyone can be traded or cut, or can opt not to re-sign at any time. Anyone who buys the jersey of a current player is putting a shelf life on their purchase. Caveat emptor.

  • Joe Morris

    Exactly. I have 2 jerseys, Hillis and Cribbs. I will still gladly wear my Cribbs jersey, because even though he’s no longer with the Browns, for years he was the pride of the Browns.

    Hillis? Yeah…owning his jersey makes me sick aren’t even good enough words. lol

  • Garry_Owen

    Cleveland sports jersey buying is the textbook “buyer beware” case. If you drop money on a player’s name, you’re either smart enough know that it’s a sunken cost or you’re too dumb to deserve a refund.

  • bossman09

    If I can ever stand to buy more Browns gear, it will be #57 – my all time favorite player.
    My Indians and Cavs jerseys are both blank.
    I do own a #09 browns jersey since that’s the number I wore or various sporting activities for the as 25 years. I guess my own number is more likely to last 10 years on a browns jersey than any player these days.