Proposing new 3rd down sounds for the Browns, Tribe attendance and much more – WFNY Podcast – 2013-09-11

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WFNY Podcast LogoJon and Craig haven’t talked in a very long time, so we went and talked for a very long time.

  • Cleveland Browns gameday experience and the third down music
  • Third down music and Craig’s attempt to fix it
  • Buster Skrine vs. Francisco Lindor
  • Rick’s Oneil Cousins film room piece
  • Crucifying the player vs. the player who was forced into duty
  • Casey Blake vs. Mike Aviles and Ryan Raburn
  • Spot players vs. everyday players
  • Yan Gomes and his growing playing time with Terry Francona
  • The respect for Terry Francona allowing the team to do what they want
  • How can the Indians get better next year
  • Is Lonnie Chisenhall going to be replaced this offseason?
  • What to do with Asdrubal Cabrera and Chris Perez
  • The media and the state of beat reporting
  • Ryan Seacrest and how hating people like him and Matt Underwood says more about you than it does about them
  • Indians attendance and how it sucks us all in
  • The LeBron effect on all Cleveland sports
  • Michael Bourn’s quote about Indians attendance
  • Paying for my playoff shares of tickets
  • Just how long ago the 2007 playoffs were
  • MLB’s one game playoff should never have happened
  • Playoff chaos theory in baseball

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  • bobby


    This is the only article i have seen on this. The Tribe doesn’t have more fans because we are being punished for not buying season tickets. They want season ticket holders so they are “dis-incenting” walk up sales.

    Nobody is showing up now because they aren’t going to pay $25-$40 a seat for not great seats when the cost is 9 10 12 bux to those who bought a month ago.

    The few that can afford $100 for tickets for a family of 4 to attend a kind of/sort of contending team live in places like Hudson, Avon Lake, Willoughby. Places where 9 dollars gets them a front row seat, no parking problems, and is a lot closer to home …You know the kind of place that “if all you care about is winning baseball games….” well they really don’t care if the captains/areos/crushers win.

    The folks who might make a last minute decision cant afford it.

    “The price difference between buying early and late can be significant
    for popular dates. For example, bleacher seats for the Saturday, July
    27, game against the Texas Rangers — which also features post-game
    fireworks and a giveaway of a Michael Brantley replica home jersey —
    were selling last week at prices ranging from $30.25 to $36 apiece.
    Those bleacher seats sold in a range of $10 (tickets for the upper
    bleachers, which are sold out for the Texas game) to $26 each (tickets
    for the lower bleachers, which are dynamically priced) at the start of
    the season.

    Indians president Mark Shapiro said dynamic pricing, “when you look at it on a macro level, is nothing new.”

    you go to the grocery store and buy a loaf of bread, do you even
    remember what you paid for the bread the last time you were there?” Mr.
    Shapiro said. “When you go to the gas pump and buy gas, it changes every

  • Steve

    Jon nails a lot of things on the head here. And Craig can still demand that two years of top contending. The problem with that though is, look around, and see how many small market teams are putting together back to back 95 win seasons. And yet, they all do better attendance-wise than the Indians.

  • Steve

    And of course, Craig just won’t believe that other small markets have to trade away their talent as it hits the FA market. Craig isn’t even willing to have a discussion about this. He blatantly ignores the facts, and when faced with proof of another team doing it, just goes “whatever”.

    Craig, you’ve proven time and time again that you don’t actually want to have a discussion. You want to whine. Just stop.

  • Steve

    Craig doesn’t pay close enough attention that he doesn’t realize that Sept attendance is down, that payroll is noticeably up, and that most small markets go through the same cycles that Cleveland does.

    Craig, if you aren’t going to pay attention, don’t lecture anyone else on the topic. Sit back and listen.

  • Craig Lyndall

    You talk to yourself a lot.

  • Steve

    Like I said, you’re not willing to have a discussion about this.

    I frequently listen to the podcast in pieces. I’ll make sure to save up any responses until I’ve listened to the whole thing from now on, if that’s what will make you happy.

    And considering there’s very little contribution to the comment section of your podcasts besides me, I’d think you’d be a little more appreciate of the feedback.

  • Harv 21

    Jon: we don’t know Antonetti turned down solid offers for Cabby last winter or that he wasn’t trying to move him.

    If you thought the player’s metrics and history indicated a fall, maybe Antonetti also worried about it, but potential trade partners did as well. So why keep beating this drum and blaming the FO?

  • Craig Lyndall

    First of all stop being confrontational. Disagreeing is fine. Jon and I did it on the podcast and we are still friends. Yes when I’m talking on a podcast I’m going to get some stuff wrong. It’s the nature of audio.

    Now if you want to have a discussion leave the accusations of not paying attention and whining somewhere else. That’s not how you have a conversation. That’s how you start fights. I don’t want to fight on the Internet.

    Maybe the Indians are like every other small market team trading away talent, but I don’t know. Other teams have traded players, but the 2 Cy Young winners in back to back years with Victor on top of it is brutal even if you nail the trade and start contending immediately.

    That’s just my opinion though.

  • Steve

    It’s not getting stuff wrong, its not even paying attention. You sounded clueless when Jon brought up the current Sept attendance, you just got all flustered when he brought up an example of another small market team losing a star.

    Do we really need to go over the Sabathia and Lee trades again? Both guys made it clear they were going to test the FA market, and the Indians weren’t going to be able to outbid either team. As Jon said, yes the returns sucked, but the alternative was losing these guys for nothing.

    The difference between the Indians and the Royals, Pirates, etc is that the Tribe has shown they can develop back to back Cy Young winners, and a Martinez. And now they’ve developed Kluber and Salazar (not that I’m saying those two will ever win a Cy Young but they developed legit front of the rotation pitchers), and brought Kazmir back from the dead. But somehow that is worse than having a team who can’t develop star talent, and only had the likes of Jason Bay, Xavier Nady, Adam LaRoche, and Freddy Sanchez to trade away. Small market teams trade away guys as they come up to their FA year. That the Indians had guys who hurt more to lose only shows that the Indians are that much better at developing talent.

  • jimkanicki

    I liked the LedZep Kashmir third down music. I don’t know how to push that with Berea, but it was really solid.

  • Steve

    And while Jon may have a little more tact than me, he had to call you out on your excessive hyperbole. You want things to not be confrontational, and not have fights? Stop saying things to the effect of the management has screwed up almost every move in the recent years, or that there have been no good stories. You know perfectly well that those aren’t made in the interest of having a discussion.

  • Kirk

    Steve, it’s a FREAKING PODCAST! Since you seem to know it all and have plenty of free time on your hands, you should try doing one or writing a blog to see what it takes. That way, we can sit on our ass and nitpick you for something into which you poured a lot of effort. Craig is about as upfront and matter of fact as it gets, and having conflicting opinions makes for a good podcast.

    Debate is great, but this crossed that line some time ago.

  • Craig Lyndall

    I can say whatever I want about the management of the Indians without you taking it personally and pretending like that means I’m being confrontational with you. Tell me why I’m wrong, but leave out the part where you tell me I’m “not paying attention” or “whining.” Those two things are meant to try and be confrontational. We love having lots of different opinions on this site including yours that I’m completely wrong. Lots of people think I’m completely wrong. I sometimes even change my mind.

    We will not have patience for attacking comments that ruin the culture here. You can disagree with my ideas without attacking me or belittling me.

  • Steve

    I’m not taking anything personally. And your hyperbolic ranting is going to be confrontational whether you want to call it that or not. Me pointing out how flawed your perception of management is is not me taking it personally, and I’ll appreciate you not telling me how I feel, thank you.

    You’ve been told many times where you are wrong, and you refuse to respond to those points, even from Jon. Your responses don’t go past “stop calling it whining”. You don’t respond to Jon pointing out that you’re overly hyperbolic, and you don’t respond to my follow up on the Cy Young winners and what other markets have done.

    You are the one who is cutting off the discussion, and it seems like it’s pretty much because you don’t like getting your opinions rolled over by people who do know the Sept attendances, the payrolls, what other markets do as their players hit FA, or how the cycle of success works for small market teams. Fine, I will stop telling you that you aren’t paying attention, but that doesn’t change the fact that you don’t have this information, and others do.