While We’re Waiting… A must see graphic on quarterbacks

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“The numbers speak for themselves: With Santana behind the dish, Tribe pitchers have a 4.13 ERA, opposing baserunners are thrown out just 15.5 percent of the time (9 of 58) and the Tribe is 41-38. With Gomes, it’s a 3.68 ERA, a 46.9 percent (15 of 32) caught stealing rate and a 35-26 record.

Gomes, you could argue, has been the most valuable Indians player not named Kipnis.” [Castrovince/MLB.com]


Oof. You must check out the last graphic in this piece. Bottom right corner. “More than 68 percent of the league’s passes are short throws that target receivers either behind the line of scrimmage or within 10 yards of it. Some may find it surprising that many of the league’s passes target players behind the line of scrimmage. But screen passes and checkdowns are relatively common. Regardless, the most common throws by far are those short positive-yardage attempts.

Remember, the sideline data here are “polluted” by those out-of-bounds throwaways that count as incompletions. As a result, the completion percentages near the edges of the field might be lower than you expect. It turns out the sideline is very important to the NFL quarterback, both for targeting receivers and for getting rid of the football.” [Goldsberry/Grantland]


“Anyway, it would be extraordinarily pessimistic to suggest that the Browns’ 2013 season is already over. As I have suggested countless times over the last several months, the Browns possess a good deal of young, talented players. The current coaching staff is likely the most competent of the expansion era and there were still a few positives to take away from the opening day loss.

However, it’s far easier to view this season from an adjusted perspective. While the Browns are nowhere near the team recent headlines tried to establish them as, they are also not as bad as the team that struggled to score 10 points and couldn’t stop Brian Hartline.

Somewhere in between lies the kind of reality that you just can’t read about anymore.” [Kolonich/OBR]


What Rob Chudzinski wanted to say in his post-game presser. “If you squint really hard, it looks adequate. I mean, if his receivers manage to catch a few fastballs and the line doesn’t have him running for his life every 20 minutes, he probably looks…..acceptable? On the other hand, if you squint really hard, my aunt looks like my uncle. I hope his teeth are still rattling from when I shook the [redacted] out of him for throwing the ball away on our last obsession, on fourth down. Truly special work there.” [Finney/Dawgs by Nature]


  • MrCleaveland

    Once again this year, you see other teams’ offenses moving briskly down the field and racking up TDs with ease. It’s like they’re playing a different game. With us it’s such a struggle to put together a drive, like pushing your car out of ankle-deep mud.

    Our receivers are rarely open and even our dump-offs usually result in very few YACs. It’s uncanny.

  • BenRM

    Regardless of what progress there is to be made, the following (well discussed) areas will plague this team and will likely result in double digit losses (sigh…):

    – Haden is the only CB on this team. Any team with a competent quarterback and a WR2 who can catch the ball (i.e. is not Greg Little) will probably beat the Browns.

    – Weeden only plays well about a 3rd of the time. The rest of the time, I have no idea what he’s doing and neither does he. He’s likely spending that time throwing the ball underhand at the end of the game instead of into the endzone. I had hoped this was just “rookie” stuff. It looks like it’s probably more than that now.

    – Trent has hole-phobia or, in the alternative, is preparing for dancing with the stars. The Browns best player is not playing as effectively as he easily should be playing.

    – In that same vein, Obie is not a fullback. He doesn’t open holes, and he can’t really block as well as he is being asked to block. Aren’t there like 8 million out of work fullbacks? Why can’t we just get one of them?

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Yeah that Goldsberry graphic about sums up Big Shurm’s offense.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    If what we saw in game one continues the fact that this is another new coaching staff yet the offense looks the same means there can be no doubt about it: it’s the players. Which to bring it full circle mean what in heavens name was this latest regime thinking this past draft? More importantly when will one of these professional sports teams in Cleveland learn how to draft? Maybe the Browns and Indians need a lottery a la the Cavaliers because that’s the only way it seems to work and even then it hasn’t been all that promising.

  • saggy

    Agree. The best is how Weeden and Phil Rvers OWN the negative yardage throws. Those guys are so awesome.

  • mgbode

    but at least Rivers completed 85% of them. 56% for Weeden? really? does that include batted passes that ended up in that zone?

  • mgbode

    Swisher to RF, Gomes to C, Santana to 1B, Asdrubal to 3B, Aviles the fill-in SS if we cannot find another option. Rotating DH for whoever needs a day off (otherwise, Raburn against LHP and ?? against RHP — maybe put Stubbs in RF those days and put Swisher at DH for the defense?)