While We’re Waiting… How valuable is Ubaldo?

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“And then, something truly magical happens. Ubaldo gets right. Under the guidance of pitching coach Mickey Callaway, he rediscovers that tomahawk chop delivery that once made him a wunderkind. He begins breezing through opposing lineups, posting a 1.77 ERA after the break and a ridiculous 0.64 ERA in his first four September starts and going deeper into games.

Just in time to propel the Indians into Wild Card positioning. And just in time to price himself out of Cleveland.” [Castrovince/MLB.com]


“The sweet tooth has disappeared from Ohio State and Wisconsin. Now it’s on to steak and potatoes, a Midwestern feast. Both teams had a steady diet of cupcakes during the non-conference season. But there will be no more Buffalos, UMasses, Tennessee Techs or Florida A&Ms.

The first concrete evidence revealing Saturday is different than the past four weekends is the ticket price — $110. It’s the first premium ticket game in Ohio Stadium history, and according to head coach Urban Meyer, “This will be a classic game.” [Rowland/Eleven Warriors]


“What potential benefits could this technology provide? If you know the exact location, speed, and movement of every player on the court, you ought to be able to fine tune your schemes. You could figure out just how far Tristan Thompson can stray from his man to help on defense and still be able to recover if needed. You could find out at exactly what angle Anderson Varejao needs to set his screen in order to give Kyrie Irving the maximum separation in a pick and roll. You could optimize the team’s spacing in half court sets (e.g: when we fail to maintain this certain floor balance, our offensive efficiency drops by X percent). And those are just some ideas that I came up with while sitting and eating breakfast this morning. If the Cavs have three full time employees working to interpret the data, you can be sure that they will come up with far more advanced and useful ways to look at it.” [Kaczmarek/Fear the Sword]


An interesting look at how the Pirates were built into a playoff team. “They bought into the theory behind xFIP. The idea that a pitcher can be primarily evaluated on his walks, strikeouts, and ground balls is still a pretty unpopular opinion with a lot of people. It feels wrong to essentially ignore all the other parts of baseball, especially when you see a guy give up tons of hits and home runs and then hear some nerd with a spreadsheet explain that those don’t actually mean that he’s a bad pitcher. A lot of teams — most teams, I’d say — still prefer to evaluate pitchers based on some kind of runs allowed basis. The Pirates, though, bought into the idea that they could build a pitching staff with fixable underachievers.” [Cameron/Fangraphs]


What about a ‘Wild Thing’ Varejao jersey? [Golliver/Point Forward]

  • BenRM

    He’s quite val-ubaldo!

    I’ll be here all afternoon!


    Make no mistake, the Buckeye’s game against Wisky this weekend is big, I’ll be there tailgating the whole day and will be bundled up at night watching in a parking lot outside the stadium as usual, but it feels like it’s missing some of the vitriol of years past…never thought I’d say it, but I miss Bert Bielema this week and this week only…he just made Wisconsin so much easier to hate and get excited for beating them.

  • mgbode

    there was a typo above, I’ll fix it here:

    “Under the guidance of pitching wizard Mickey Callaway”