Martin Rickman talks media, targeting rule, and NCAA basketball – WFNY Podcast – 2013-10-24

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WFNY Podcast LogoAlways good to catch up with Martin Rickman. Today we found ourselves talking about sports and media and college football.

Event at the Happy Dog

Enjoying the interview style of Scott Raab and Zac Jackson

The player interview

Trying to cover younger players

Covering Jameis Winston and how much he has it in terms of talking to the media

Interviewing vs. writing

The targeting rule and Martin’s opinion on it

The yellow card red card scenario

Roby’s celebration and reaction

Owning up to the head injuries

Getting sick when hits like that happen

Are you more basketball than football?

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  • jimkanicki

    we need to get past this ‘rigid enforcement of rules because you have to enforce everything the same and that’s how the rule was written, etc., etc.’ there is a reason experienced and trained referees are on the field instead of you or me. that reason is because they presumably bring rule knowledge AND judgement AND experience to their decision making. thus the ref SHOULD be to use judgement on calls.

    fear of judgement is yet another problem with ‘instant-replay’because-getting-it-right-is-vital’ society. let refs be refs and roll with it if they don’t get everything perfect because here’s the news — even instant replay doesn’t get it right. it is a fool’s errand to aspire toward this illusory goal.

    [off topic of sports, but this applies to ‘three strikes’ laws too. if you take away discretion from a judge he becomes a high-paid paralegal and what’s the point then?]

    oh and craig, let’s be more sophisticated with the ‘if it saves one life’ arguments. under that premise, one may also say, ‘stay indoors and wear bubble wrap because if you save one life it’s worth it.’ risk is an element of life which needs to be managed, not run away from or lived in fear of. simplistic justifications such as ‘saves one life’ or ‘getting it right is the main thing’… these are really dumb things to say and when said enough people start to believe them.

    blown calls by refs are going to happen and -sorry- head injuries in competitive contact sports will too. we’d all be better served with more acceptance of those realities and less happy-talk about striving toward utopian goals.