NFL News: Kellen Winslow Jr. suspended four games for performance enhancing substances

Former Cleveland Browns first round draft pick tight end Kellen Winslow has reportedly been suspended for four games for violating the NFL policy on performance enhancing substances. It was just this past week that my Twitter timeline came alive as Jon Gruden called Kellen Winslow a good story on Monday Night Football. Apparently it was too good to be true.

Winslow has battled injuries his entire career thanks to a devastating motorcycle crash that likely still sits fresh in Cleveland Browns fans’ minds. Even still, Winslow was a beast for the Browns in 2007 catching 82 balls for over 1100 yards and five touchdowns. Winslow was eventually traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after Eric Mangini took over for Romeo Crennel. It was a painful trade for Browns fans, but many understood the need for it as Winslow had been rumored to have an attitude problem in the huddle and elsewhere. The Browns received a second rounder in 2009 and a fifth rounder in 2010 for the battered target.

Winslow’s comeback this year was an interesting story. After playing only one game and making one reception for the Patriots, Winslow had played in the Jets’ first five games and had 17 receptions and two touchdowns. It’s still interesting, I guess, but for wholly different reasons now.

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  • FearTheElf

    Of course the week he plays Pittsburgh this happens. Doubt the Jets could win with him, but it will be very tough without. 12-4

  • mgbode

    I need you to explain 2 things to me:

    (1) How is Winslow a lynchpin for the Jets offense. He has only started 2 games this season despite playing in all 5 games and averages 3rec for 33yds per game.

    (2) Why do you doubt the Jets can beat the Steelers? NYJ 3-2 vs. 0-4 Pitt.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    This is too perfect… Kellen Winslow starts to look a tiny bit better than in the past couple seasons, and it’s because of PEDs. I think just about anyone could have written that script, no?

  • TSR3000

    (3) why even care?

  • James Workman

    because it effects us in the standings.