The Goon Squad!

WFNY Goon Squad Dolan

Goon squad

The Indians take on the RAYS/RANGERS tomorrow in the one game Wild Card Playoff. The Goon Squad (Aviles, Raburn, Giambi and Gomes) are a huge reason why.

The shirts they are sporting are from GV Art and Design.You may have seen the picture floating around the internet. Several groups have recreated the shot for the guys at GV Art. TD, Scott, Craig and I took a moment to take a shot ourselves when we had a surprise guest.

WFNY Goon Squad Dolan

Yes, that’s Indians’ owner Paul Dolan with the WFNY gang!

The GV Art and Design store on Detroit Ave in Lakewood is open today. Stop down and grab one. The Indians are asking everyone to wear red tomorrow. What better shirt to go with? Your chance to win a Goon Squad shirt also happens today.

Respond with a comment telling us about your favorite moment from this season OR which of the Goon Squad is your favorite! One entry per household please.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Best beard by far he’d fit in perfect in Boston!

  • Tom Valentino

    Favorite moment of the season was Giambi’s walk-off against the White Sox last week. Closest I’ve ever come to literally fainting with excitement from watching a game.

  • da -Z-

    Terry Francona leading off in the Harlem Shake video they made at the beginning of the season

  • Mr. Lahey

    Raburn over Giambi

  • arnold_palmer

    The final out in game one 162. October baseball is back.

  • MOARwins

    My favorite Goon Squad Member has to be Giambi, he helped alot with chemistry this season and the team rode his clutch homer all the way to October!

  • Vindictive_Pat

    My favorite moment was definitely the Giambi walk-off homer versus the White Sox. I was at a bar watching the game with my buddy and we were having a great time right up until the top of the 9th where the Sox scored 2 runs to jump ahead of the Tribe. We thought that game was over and then the Giambi smash happened and we just about lost our minds. I rarely ever cuss, but was shouting “Get the f*** out” in loud repetition as the ball sailed through the air and into the right field stands. Awesome moment.

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