Video: Angry Browns Fan goes all in on Davone Bess

I’m convinced (with no real empirical evidence) that Cleveland sports fans have more fun with less than any other city with professional sports teams. How else do you explain the continued fun of Mike Polk videos like The Factory of Sadness, and Ryan Pontbriand jerseys? Now, the modern age brings us Angry Browns Fan. Even as the team disappoints more often than not, things like this make it at least a little bit better.

If you want to try to be included in next week’s make sure you talk about the Ravens game while tagging #angrybrownsfan on twitter. Of course, we might not need to wait that long for a new video if the Browns decide to trade Josh Gordon or Jordan Cameron this week.

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  • humboldt

    Doesn’t do much for me…sounds too much like a random sampling of mouthbreathing Cleveland sports talk radio, which has already been parodied ad nauseum. Would be much funnier if he read/emoted the tweets in an aristocratic English accent or something

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    The curse of #15!!!!

  • BuckeyeDawg

    These were funny the first couple times they were done. Now, they’re just annoying.

  • Big Z

    Word on the street is that Davone Bess went to unlock the door to his house when he got home and dropped his keys…

  • Henry Brown

    Well at least Mike Polk is funny

  • ChadF

    Please so not put stuff like this on the site again.



  • FinFan

    Bess is a great player.