BCS News: 4 Auburn upsets 1 Alabama; Ohio State on verge of moving up

In one of the greatest college football games ever, No. 4 Auburn upended No. 1 Alabama 34-28 in an epic Iron Bowl on a missed field goal return for touchdown. The upset moves No. 3 Ohio State into the BCS Championship picture.

The Tigers (11-1, 7-1 SEC) trailed the Buckeyes by a sizeable margin — almost .100 — in the latest BCS standings released last Sunday. It’s expected they still should be behind OSU and No. 2 Florida State, who defeated struggling Florida in their rivalry game.

Go find the Auburn-Alabama last play video and the Auburn radio call if you haven’t yet. It’s a sight to see, plus could move the 12-0 undefeated Buckeyes into the title if they can win one final game next Saturday in Indianapolis. OSU will face off against previous No. 11 Michigan State.

In other BCS and Big Ten news, Penn State upset No. 15 Wisconsin. Certainly, that slightly hurts the Buckeyes’ resume, but they should be able to put all concerns to rest in the Big Ten title.

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  • left out

    the bucks D looked atrocious today and should be very concerned with the matchup with Mich St next week. they have trouble scoring but the D might present some problems for OSU. i’m also concerned that Auburn may jump ahead of the Bucks even if we win next week.

  • cmm13

    The games today is why the NCAA makes the NFL look like a Monday morning Water Polo match in terms of excitement on a week in, week out basis.

    No offense to the water polo playing WFNY reading community.

  • Wow

    I really hope not. OSU and Florida State could be a great game. Plus the thought of not having the almighty SEC involved is nice.